[Gimp-developer] Re: About The GIMP

2002-09-24 Thread Nathan Carl Summers
Here is my suggestion for a rewrite. Changes are marked and commentary explaining the change is written at the bottom. GIMP is an acronym for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely distributed piece of software that is useful [1] for graphics-related tasks [2] such as photo retouching,

[Gimp-developer] Hue-Saturation dialog

2002-09-24 Thread Martin Weber
The file app/huesaturation.c contains a conceptual bug. Have a look at the function hue_saturation: if (r 43) hue = 0; else if (r 85) hue = 1; else if (r 128) hue = 2; else if (r 171) hue = 3;

[Gimp-developer] CONFIGURE missing from CVS?

2002-09-24 Thread Jean-Claude Gervais
Hi, I checked out the current version of The Gimp from CVS and read the INSTALL text file, which says to run ./configure To build Gimp. Oddly enough, I couldn't find the configure script in the /gimp directory, but the is a configure shell script in the

Re: [Gimp-developer] CONFIGURE missing from CVS?

2002-09-24 Thread Kelly Martin
Please read HACKING first. INSTALL is for people installing from a distribution tarball. Instructions on how to proceed are in there. Kelly - Original Message - From: Jean-Claude Gervais [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Gimp Developers [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Tuesday, September 24, 2002 1:32 PM

[Gimp-developer] warning pixmap

2002-09-24 Thread Martin Weber
I use the following code: GdkPixmap *dot_gdk_pixmap; /* FIXME: These may not be visible at all resolutions or GTK themes. */ dot_gdk_pixmap = gdk_pixmap_colormap_create_from_xpm_d(button-window, /* FIXME: colormap: */ NULL,

[Gimp-developer] ACE plugin

2002-09-24 Thread Martin Weber
The ACE plugin has several Gtk issues that should be fixed, but I do not know enough about Gtk, so could anyone go through the code (some are already marked with FIXME) and help to fix the code. Thanks Martin -- Werden Sie mit uns zum OnlineStar 2002! Jetzt GMX wählen - und tolle Preise