Re: Image exchange format [was Re: [Gimp-developer] Photoshop PSD 6 format Spec / Gimp XCF format Spec]

2006-03-02 Thread Jon A. Cruz
On Mar 2, 2006, at 1:36 PM, Alexandre Prokoudine wrote: On 3/2/06, Alan Horkan wrote: Rather than mentioning a future possible ideal format I'd like to mention MNG, which although far from perfect for all graphics tasks (print graphics). This is less than ideal but still a small

Re: [Gimp-developer] Why be cryptic? 'Xtns' should be name 'Extensions'

2006-03-21 Thread Jon A. Cruz
First of all, I probably should mention that I'm not a GIMP developer. However, I have worked with user interface design professionally for over a decade and a half, and had been doing plugins for Photoshop since before 3.5... On Mar 21, 2006, at 12:19 PM, Martin Nordholts wrote: I've

Re: [Gimp-developer] Smaller toolbar and grouping

2006-04-01 Thread Jon A. Cruz
On Apr 1, 2006, at 7:32 AM, Bart wrote: Hi, just a proposal about a smaller toolbar and a way grouping of buttons in the toolbar (not about what kind of buttons belong to which specific group and there position etc.). That seems pretty

Re: Project proposal: Resource contribution, distribution and management system (was: Re: [Gimp-developer] Google Summer of Code 2006, to whom it may concern)

2006-04-17 Thread Jon A. Cruz
On Apr 17, 2006, at 12:18 PM, Carol Spears wrote:my idea is that these people should get this stuff off from their computers and get it working within the gimp project.  then, since gimp is free and gpl, creative commons can get it, fix the problems and gpl and cc can start to work together again. 

Re: [Gimp-developer] 2.6 roadmapping, the UI part of it...

2007-10-30 Thread Jon A. Cruz
On Oct 30, 2007, at 2:44 PM, David Marrs wrote: They ask for an MDI structure because that's what they know, but I suspect they'll be happy with any solution to their problem that works well. I believe that the main reason is legacy behavior from Windows 3.x. As I've mentioned before,

Re: [Gimp-developer] 2.6 roadmapping, the UI part of it...

2007-10-30 Thread Jon A. Cruz
On Oct 28, 2007, at 11:49 AM, Sven Neumann wrote: On Sun, 2007-10-28 at 15:06 -0300, Guillermo Espertino wrote: Yes, I knew that (both the utility setting and the image dialog). What I meant was to polish those two features and make them work correctly in every platform (afaik the utility

Re: [Gimp-developer] Peter's single-window proposal

2009-09-27 Thread Jon A. Cruz
On Sep 27, 2009, at 3:53 PM, peter sikking wrote: third try, the list should be undead now: OK, comments have petered out here (yeah, dead list) and on the blog post. So it is time for me to summarise the users' needs I was able to filter out of them: 1) drag a layer to another image

Re: [Gimp-developer] Peter's single-window proposal

2009-09-29 Thread Jon A. Cruz
On Sep 28, 2009, at 1:29 AM, peter sikking wrote: Jon A. Cruz wrote: I think I might have one that can count as subtly different. Working on a prime image and drawing pieces, reference, etc from other images. Especially since I tend to think spatially, this is one I do a lot. I also tend

Re: [Gimp-developer] We should go for a single-window mode in 2.8

2009-09-29 Thread Jon A. Cruz
On Sep 29, 2009, at 9:40 AM, Nathan Summers wrote: I'm still thinking GIMP could benefit from Eclipse-style perspectives, where which dialogs are visible and which are hidden are user-defined sets that can be switched between. The user can then define which dialogs are useful for certain