[Gimp-user] removing background

2002-04-11 Thread Seth Burgess
Nikolai, How can I do with gimp to remove the purple color fully and convert the borders where the object is merging with the background into pixels that has Alpha values over yellow color instead of plain orange color ? Very nice description of a classic imaging problem. Luckily, this is

[Gimp-user] Re: gimp-by-color-select trouble

2002-04-11 Thread Nathan Hackett
If I change the last parameter to gimp-by-color-select (sample-merged) to false, then it works. Now if I can figure out how to put all the hair that I pulled out back in, I'll be in good shape. /Nathan. On Thursday 11 April 2002 11:43 am, Nathan Hackett wrote: I am writting a script-fu

[Gimp-user] what is optical resolution

2002-04-11 Thread Amit Mukherjee
Hi, Can anyone explain to me what optical resolution means. I am looking at the product specification of an Epson scanner and it says that the optical resolution is 1600x3200 dpi. What does this mean ? The software that comes with the scanner I have gives me a choice to scan upto 9600 dpi.

[Gimp-user] what is dpi, ppi and lpi

2002-04-11 Thread Amit Mukherjee
Hi, Can anyone tell me the difference between dpi, ppi and lpi ? If my intention is to print a picture measuring 8x10, at what resolution should I scan ? Thanks Amit Get fast and easy Internet access through http://www.netkracker.com ___