Re: You May Enjoy These Optical Illusions

2000-10-27 Thread Robb Kidd
"Carl B. Constantine" wrote: I don't get the one with the triangular sign that says "I love paris in the springtime" or does it? "I LOVE PARIS IN THE THE SPRINGTIME"

Re: New tutorial at

2000-08-17 Thread Robb Kidd
David Moisan wrote: At 06:06 AM 8/17/2000 -0400, some fella wrote: guy, but in all fairness, how about some buffed up men in the next set of tutorials? Better yet, a cute baby. No, in America, that would be considered child pornography. It's ridiculous, but the same people that screech

Wrath of Precision Brush

2000-06-30 Thread Robb Kidd
From the silence on the matter of whether the GIMP has a precision brush, am I to assume that I am stuck with this pencil for a mouse cursor? No way to have it outline the shape and size of the brush currently selected?

Re: Wrath of Precision Brush

2000-06-30 Thread Robb Kidd
Greg Sanders wrote: This is a feature I miss from Photoshop and would like to see in Gimp soon. :-) Alex Harford sent to me direct: "Not yet. I believe this is in the works for Gimp 1.4 (2.0?), since 1.2 is almost out the door." I haven't seen any mentions of it elsewhere expect for

Brush Size preview?

2000-06-14 Thread Robb Kidd
Does the GIMP provide on option to replace the default pencil pointer with a circle/shape representing the current brush size? I'm trying to make the switch to GIMP (or at least get up to speed with it) and the "precision bursh" is a feature I've found very handy in my years of working with