[Gimp-user] Libre Graphics Meeting 2013 Madrid 10-13 April

2013-04-08 Thread maderios
Program http://libregraphicsmeeting.org/2013/program/ -- Maderios Art is meant to disturb. Science reassures. L'art est fait pour troubler. La science rassure (Georges Braque) ___ gimp-user-list mailing list gimp-user-list@gnome.org

[Gimp-user] Still no CMYK!

2013-04-08 Thread john Culleton
I note that on the roadmap CMYK is still a low priority. After all those years of asking I have given up on Gimp for most tasks. I publish books. -- John Culleton Wexford Press Free list of books for self-publishers: http://wexfordpress.net/shortlist.html PDF e-book: Create Book Covers with

[Gimp-user] Still Life With Hippie

2013-04-08 Thread Steve Kinney
Hey folks, A couple of days ago I saw a photo op, grabbed a camera, and after a few minutes of tinkering in the GIMP here's what came out, I call it Still Life With Hippie: http://pilobilus.net/photo_rework.html#hippie The photo was way underexposed, and this seemed like the best way to save