[Gimp-user] bucket fill - my fault or a bug ?

2013-03-28 Thread 3052192
OS Win 7 64 bit / RAM 16 GB Hi friends, I think I make mistakes in using the bucket-fill - option of GIMP. I want to use it for colouring (don't grin - by different shades of grey 5-10%) to make in black-and-white maps details like lakes or defined areas better visible. I tried it

[Gimp-user] how to draw interrupted lines

2013-04-05 Thread 3052192
Hi friends, how can I draw in GIMP freehanded curved interrupted lines (dotted; dot-dash-dot; dash-dash;...) ? To create lines first with a pencil and to use then the rubber gives uneven and so unsatisfactory results. Thanks for help! Konrad

[Gimp-user] patterns in GIMP

2013-05-24 Thread 3052192
Win 7 64 bit / GIMP 2.8.4 Hi, are there more patterns (like stripes and fine stripes) for the bucket fill option available in the tools menue?? If yes, is there a GIMP download link? Or is it possible (and if how) to make an own pattern via scanner or by GIMP via paths and