Re: [Gimp-user] brush size

2005-11-19 Thread Sven Neumann
Hi, michael chang [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Of course, scaling would make so much sense with SVG/Vector brushes -- but then, GIMP is a raster graphics program. No-win situation. *sigh* Why's that a no-win situation? GIMP could easily be extended to use SVG brushes and that would certainly

Re: [Gimp-user] Non printable colors

2005-11-19 Thread Sven Neumann
Hi, Alexandre Prokoudine [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: And, quite in contrary to your words, it would be helpful to see colors out of gamut by softproofing. It would be trivial to change the color management display filter to provide this functionality. I hope that we can have this in GIMP 2.4.

[Gimp-user] update on problems...

2005-11-19 Thread Joey Cagle
Nathan said he got webotine to work with Grafpup Linux with no problem. He created a dotpup for me to install, so I deleted my webotine script, installed the dotpup, and checked if it worked. Unfortunately, it didn't work. So I've got something going wrong here. I'll figure it out soon.

[Gimp-user] Finally got web-o-tine working in Grafpup.

2005-11-19 Thread Joey Cagle
I finally got Web-o-tine working in Grafpup. Thanks everyone. Joey -- Using Opera's revolutionary e-mail client: ___ Gimp-user mailing list Gimp-user@lists.XCF.Berkeley.EDU

[Gimp-user] Re: Gimp-2.3.4 problems

2005-11-19 Thread id6490 (sent by
How to fix gdk_window_set_back_pixmap(): pixmap must have a colormap black menus problem. Very simple. Just add /opt/gnome/lib/ in /etc/ and run ldconfig. Piece of cake, don't you? [EMAIL PROTECTED] Optimum Linux power. Sent from the Gimp User forum at