Re: [Gimp-user] Fill transparent?

2006-03-10 Thread Shlomi Fish
with the foreground colour, and filling the entire selection. 7. Click the mouse inside the selection in the image window. 8. Right click on the layer in the layers dialog and select Apply Layer Mask. --- Hope it helps. Regards, Shlomi Fish

Re: [Gimp-user] Question about Gtk-Perl and Gimp 2

2006-05-06 Thread Shlomi Fish
. Will Gtk-Perl be updated to work with GTK+ 2.x? No, use the CPAN Gtk2 module for that: Regards, Shlomi Fish Where is the best place to get this info? Peace... Tom ___ Gimp-user mailing list Gimp-user

Re: [Gimp-user] gimp and subversion

2007-03-05 Thread Shlomi Fish
, Shlomi Fish - Shlomi Fish [EMAIL PROTECTED] Homepage: Chuck Norris wrote a complete Perl 6 implementation in a day but then destroyed all evidence with his bare hands, so no one

[Gimp-user] How to Get the Colour Average (and possibly other statistics) for a Selection

2009-04-24 Thread Shlomi Fish
to implement (I'm a programmer), but I'd rather spare myself the time. Regards, Shlomi Fish -- - Shlomi Fish Parody on The Fountainhead - God gave us two eyes and ten fingers so

Re: [Gimp-user] How to Get the Colour Average (and p ossibly other statistics ) for a Selection

2009-04-30 Thread Shlomi Fish
statistics is small, but I was told that to fix it one needs to change the gtk+ theme. Regards, Shlomi Fish Bye, Simon -- - Shlomi Fish Best Introductory Programming Language - http

Re: [Gimp-user] unsubscribe

2010-01-01 Thread Shlomi Fish
, Shlomi Fish -- - Shlomi Fish My Aphorisms - Bzr is slower than Subversion in combination with Sourceforge. ( By: