PDf File conversion

2000-06-11 Thread Mitch Honeysett
Hi! Does GIMP read / convert *.PDF(framemaker) files. Mitch

Picture/screen size

2000-06-11 Thread Mogens Jæger
Hello list. I have got a problem, that havn't changed throug the different versions I have had (1.0.4 - 1.1.23). Sometimes when I opens a picture that are larger than the screen - say 1000*1000 on my 1024*768 screen - the picture is shown in actual size, so that a part of it lies outsides the

Improving a drawing scan

2000-06-11 Thread lduperval
Hi, I scanned a CD cover ad I'm trying to improve on the scan. What are some tips for "smoothing" the image? As it stands, you tend to see all the pixels that make up the drawing. I'd like to give it a smoother look so the image doesn't look so choppy. Thanks, L -- Penguin Power!

Re: Picture/screen size

2000-06-11 Thread Seth Burgess
What window manager/X Server/gtk+ are you using? Gimp attempts to make the original image no larger than 3/4 the max dimension on a resize that would put the dimension outside the dimension of the screen... (it won't shrink something 7/8 the screen for instance). If its not detecting that

Re: Picture/screen size

2000-06-11 Thread Seth Burgess
I have tried with different image-sizes, and I have to correct the example 1000*1000. Images up to 1024*768 are shown in 100%, where larger are zoomed. But the problem is, that there is no 'space' left for frames, rulers, etc. Ok, this coincides with what should be happening much better, so