2000-07-17 Thread Jakub Steiner
Also, I have had a look at your tutorial. Its great !! One problem though, and that is I was unable to download the file gap-static.xcf.bz2. I got an error message saying "Document Not Found". I am wondering if you could send me this xcf file ? It would help with working through your

Re: Newbie Developer's Question

2000-07-17 Thread Guillermo S. Romero / Familia Romero
I use the console to see what the command does to the image/layer...if it works, I then cut-n-paste into emacs. if not, then i just do an undo :-) Thanks, I will give it a try. :] GSR

Re: Script-fu crashes

2000-07-17 Thread Guillermo S. Romero / Familia Romero
Some details to add to what Marc said: I've had 3 random freezes of the keyboard upon startx, with the monitor going black and the only way out a hard reboot. I've fiddled about with fsck (and been yelled at by German geeks for doing that) but something seems to always work to get it back. Not

Re: Two How-to Questions

2000-07-17 Thread Marc Lehmann
Suppose you select the pencil tool, go into GFig and draw a geometric star and then press the Paint button to draw it on the canvas of the current have created a closed "path" in the shape of a star How do you then turn that into a selection so that any operations that

RE: Newbie Developer's Question

2000-07-17 Thread Andrew J Fortune
I think I have slightly lost the thread. Originally what I was wondering was whether there was some way of automating the script process either by recording keystrokes like a macro (is this what Alan is talking about here ??) -- or by some sort of visual interface such as a drag-and-drop


2000-07-17 Thread Marc Lehmann
On Tue, Jul 18, 2000 at 06:57:31AM +1000, Andrew J Fortune [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Thanks, Jakub !!! Can I take this one step further ? If we use this technique, then it is not IF you are not scared by PDB calls you could also use the Apply Perl Expression" to apply two efefcts gradually to

Re: Newbie Developer's Question

2000-07-17 Thread Alan Buxey
hi, The console is nice to debug them, but not to do full script development (IMO). I doubt anybody uses it beyond testing some lines of code or fix something, like erasing "hang" images or layers (does anybody do more than that? am I the "rare"?). I use the console to see what the command