A Scheme question

2000-12-01 Thread Bela Balogh
Hi! I'm Bela and I have a (perhabhs) simple problem with using the Scheme language. I want to create a special picture that displays the f(x, y) = sin(x^2 + y^2) function with grayscale colors. The x and y is the x and y coordinate of a pixel on the image. I calculate the value of this function

Re: Need a little help with creating a dynamic text banner

2000-12-05 Thread Bela Balogh
Hi! Have you tried the Xtns/Script-fu/Logos/Basic I ? It creates a similar banner that you would like.

Another Scheme question

2000-12-13 Thread Bela Balogh
Hi! Where can I find scheme-functions those are not in the DB-Browser (for example mathematical functions) ? Thanks Bela