Re: problem with Pango...= NO Gimp 1.1.28

2000-11-06 Thread DeusExHeli0s
GSystemThread owner; Okay, here's an interesting thing, I did a cat glib.h | grep GSystemThread And guess what, It shows up once in the whole glib.h file. Strange wouldn't you say? I'm no programmer (not yet anyway) but I'd think one would define or aforemention this thing or whatever it

Re: Wacom USB tablets

2000-11-09 Thread DeusExHeli0s
you have to have a latest , cutting-edge Linux-kernel (plus lots of quite new config files) to get USB support under Linux. its getting there, but its not very easy for an average user alan I've got a Intellimouse Explorer and Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro, both are USB. I've

Re: Wacom USB tablets

2000-11-10 Thread DeusExHeli0s
yes, for you , me and any experience Linux people this isnt difficult, but you take our position for granted. Good point, I'd not thought of that. almost everyone else will have to learn things like recompiling kernels , patching sources etc - Interestingly, I learned patching and

Re: saving

2000-11-24 Thread DeusExHeli0s
have prompted me regarding the layers during the save, unless there's a good reason someone would want to save something other than what they currently see. What version of Gimp are you using? I'm using 1.1.28 and everytime I forget to flatten an Image it prompts me "Jpegs do not allow