Re: Menu w/ 1.1.11

1999-11-22 Thread Hago Ziegler
|Hi, I just installed gimp-1.1.11. When I start it with German language... Do you speak about Gimp in german language? Where can I get it? Hago

Re: Extend, intersect selection in Gimp 1.1.13

1999-11-29 Thread Hago Ziegler
Hi Gerd, I use Gimp 1.1.13 and it seems that add, substract and intersect selections doesn't work properly. I've tried it as usual: - switch to selection mode and make a selection - press Shift and make another selection Allthough the pointer changes to an arrow with a small plus-sign the

Re: selection+-

2000-01-14 Thread Hago Ziegler
be acceptable for the future. Hago Hi, i know perfectly how the selection add/substract works, but like hago ziegler i´ve got the problem with the new version 1.11. two friends of mine are running the same version on nearly the same system and there it works perfectly. so i thought it may

Re: selection+-

2000-01-14 Thread Hago Ziegler
Hi, in the meanwhile I tried Gimp with different window-managers. The selection-tool works properly in fvwm and fvwm2, but nowhere else (also icewm). My daughter runs Gimp in Win98. Also there everything works fine, only the selection tool won't. Ta has to do with a focus. Make sure

Installation gimp 1.1.15

2000-01-16 Thread Hago Ziegler
Hi, I think I need some help. I deleted gimp 1.1.11 and downloaded gimp 1.1.15. When I tried to configure, it said, that it couldn't find gtk. Although the same version (1.2.6) is needed, I deleted also gtk, downloaded a new one from the gtk-homepage and tried to install it. After having done

Installation gimp 1.1.15 /2

2000-01-16 Thread Hago Ziegler
Hi, a new situation. I oncemore deleated everything that belongs to gimp, gtk and glib. I freshly unpacked everything and reinstalled it. This time the installation of glib and gtk was OK. The gimp is configurated and I did "make" and "make install". The last one failed. Output:

Re: Installation gimp 1.1.15 /2

2000-01-17 Thread Hago Ziegler
Am Mon, 17 Jan 2000 schrieb Kelly Lynn Martin: On Sun, 16 Jan 2000 19:58:18 +0100, Hago Ziegler [EMAIL PROTECTED] said: /usr/include/gdk/gdkprivate.h:31: X11/Xlib.h: No such file or directory /usr/include/gdk/gdkprivate.h:32: X11/Xutil.h: No such file or directory You're missing the X


2000-01-20 Thread Hago Ziegler
Hi everybody, in chapter 38 of the "Gimp User Manual" I found an example for how to do a Script-fu. For the beginning I copied the example-script to /root/.gimp-1.1/scripts/ , made "refresh" and tried to find it in the DB Browser. But there was nothing. I copied it also to


2000-01-28 Thread Hago Ziegler
Hi, i would like to have a very simple perl-script that I can use like a script-fu , to learn how it works. Can somebody mail me one or tell me, where I can find one? Hago

minimal-linux for gimp

2000-02-04 Thread Hago Ziegler
Hi, I would like to run only gimp and its few components on a small computer. Could somebody tell me please, what's the absolut minimum-linux that i need. Is it possible to run Gimp without a window-manager? I have a Suse-distribution. RegardsHago


2000-02-08 Thread Hago Ziegler
Hi, in gimps DB-Browser there is this intresting script "gimp-free-select". I tried to use it but didn't succeed to find the right way to put in the coordinates . oes somebody know the exact way , how the different points have to be given in ? Thanks for help Hago

Re: Selecting Transparancy Color in Gimp

2000-02-25 Thread Hago Ziegler
Hi, I want to paint in transparancy, as well as cut out areas of an image, leaving transparancy behind, but all I can do is work with selectable colors, gradients, and patterns, current color settings, etc. How do I activate transparancy so I can do this? You have to rightclick into the

gimp-installation on suse 6.3

2000-03-04 Thread Hago Ziegler
Hi everybody, I'm trying to installe gimp 1.1.17 in my suse6.3 distribution: First I deinstalled the old gimp1.1.16, gtk+1.2.6, glib1.1.6. (gtk+ and glib because I thought gimp1.1.17 would require the newest glib and gtk: 1.2.7) I downloaded Gimp1.1.17, glib1.2.7, gtk+1.2.7 I installed

Re: gimp-installation on suse 6.3

2000-03-05 Thread Hago Ziegler
Am Sun, 05 Mar 2000 schrieb Yassen Roussev: Hi Hago, Installation of glib1.2.6 was OK Installation of gtk+1.2.6 failed: message: checking for GLIB - version =1.2.4... *** 'glib-config --version' returned 1.2.6, but GLIB (1.2.7) *** was found! I had a similar problem when I tried to


2000-03-12 Thread Hago Ziegler
Hi everybody, I used to have a very nice and understandable tutorial for gimps transformation-tool. Because of a very funamental computer-crash it disappeared, and I also don't remember the web-address. Does somebody know this tutorial ? Then please mail the address! ThanksHago


2000-03-17 Thread Hago Ziegler
Hi everybody, I always have lots of difficulties to get smooth outlines. It occurres especially when using fuzzy-selection on text. The antialiasing-option works, but does not make a great effect. Can anybody help me with this affair? Thank you Hago

blend pattern with pattern

2000-03-25 Thread Hago Ziegler
Hi , I'd like to blend a pattern with another pattern and don't succeed. Could somebody give me a little help, please? Hago

Re: blend pattern with pattern

2000-03-25 Thread Hago Ziegler
Hi Heiner, ..gradient Tool Options, you can create awesome effects with this method. Experiment, it's well worth it! I got it - you are right, it's in fact a very beautiful thing. Thank youHago

Re: 1.1.19-installation fails

2000-04-01 Thread Hago Ziegler
Hi, I tried to install Gimp 1.1.19 Configuration is OK Make stops after a while. Its last words have been: That's my fault. I tried to make the i18n-stuff more gnome-like. My question is: how do I fix that? My basdic problem is that I have no good way to detect wether msgmerge is


2000-04-05 Thread Hago Ziegler
Hi all, I'm trying the ported Version of gimp in win98 with a Deskjet695C printer. Two friends of mine the same but with Canon printers. We all have the same problem: if I use image/file/print the print is - how shall I say - instead of a b/w fotografy there are a few small black patches on the

Re: Probleme in compiling gimp 1.1.19

2000-04-07 Thread Hago Ziegler
Hi, .. msgmerge -w 83 cs.po gimp-perl.pot cs.po~ .. terminé. no -o cs.po ... make: *** [all-recursive-am] Error 2 .. exactly the same what happened to my installation-trial. I didn't find a solution and reinstalled 1.1.18


2000-04-13 Thread Hago Ziegler
Hi all, for hours now I'm trying to install new fonts for gimp. Freefont and sharefont have been easy to install, but I don't succeed to install the truetype fonts (I'm trying first to install only verdana) I installed xfs as it is consulted in its install-text, then I read a lot of text in my

Re: xfs-installation-13.04

2000-04-13 Thread Hago Ziegler
Hi , Am Thu, 13 Apr 2000 schrieben Sie: For truetype fonts you need to install the extra truetype font server 'xfstt'. It should also be included in the SuSE distribution. That is how I got .ttf fonts workin' I found everything -thank you very much- and got it

Re: First script

2000-04-13 Thread Hago Ziegler
Hi Mickael, Am Thu, 13 Apr 2000 schrieben Sie: I'm trying to do the uni.scm script like in the tutorial from dov grobgled I also used this script for to learn script-fu. At least I got it running after I made some changes. Here is, what worked fine here: ;I changed the name just for fun


2000-04-14 Thread Hago Ziegler
Hallo, thanks a lot for all the help I found here. I tried everything you all consulted and I finally found out, that xfstt tries to start in runlevel 3, but failes. So the Xserver cannot start as long as the fontpath "../:7101" exists in XF86Config. I still can start xfstt later

Re: Set transparency

2000-04-19 Thread Hago Ziegler
Hi, I have a small gif that has a picture in the middle, with an irregular black border around it. How do I set the black border to be transparent? 1 Image /image/mode/RGB 2 /image/alpha/add alpha channel 3 then you select the black border, for example a Either with

gimp-1.1.20 - installation

2000-04-24 Thread Hago Ziegler
Hi everybody. I'm trying to install Gimp-1.1.20 in my SuSE-Linux 6.4. First I tried to use the glib and gtk+ (both 1.2.7) from the SuSE cdrom - didn't work Then I downloaded glib and gtk+ (both 1.2.7) and tried to install them anew (first I uninstalled the buildin glib and gtk+): glib


2000-04-26 Thread Hago Ziegler
Hi , I'm interested in the functions of freetype. I tried the test-programs and it works all very nice. Only: I don't understand how to use it eg with Gimp in the dayly work. Well, I found in /usr/doc/packages/freetype a huge mountain of english texts, but since me, my machine and my gimp are

'make' of 1.1.24

2000-07-01 Thread Hago Ziegler
Hi, I just tried to install 1.1.24. "./configure" runs perfectly. "make" gives me this message: ... bash-2.03# make make all-recursive make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/local/gimp-1.1.24' Making all in tools make[2]: Entering directory `/usr/local/gimp-1.1.24/tools' make[3]:

Re: 'make' of 1.1.24

2000-07-01 Thread Hago Ziegler
Hi, You extract the new source over the older ones? You gave some of the output of the make, this indicates some of the source is not being remade. Try using 'make clean' before using 'make', this might sort things out. I did run 'make clean' - no difference at all. Somethng else to do?

Re: Round selection (again)

2000-07-06 Thread Hago Ziegler
Hi Thomas, .. (define (script-fu-text-test inHeight inWidth ) (let* ( (theImage (car (gimp-image-new inWidth inHeight RGB))) (theLayer (car (gimp-layer-new theImage inWidth inHeight RGBA_IMAGE "Layer 1" 100 NORMAL))) ) (gimp-image-add-layer

Re: Round selection (again)

2000-07-06 Thread Hago Ziegler
Hi Thomas, I still changed it a little. With the first one I had to restart Gimp to use it twice, with "set!" instead of "let*" this is not necessary. Hago ... (define (script-fu-text-test inHeight inWidth ) (set! theImage (car (gimp-image-new inWidth inHeight RGB)))

Re: Round selection (again)

2000-07-06 Thread Hago Ziegler
Hi, what version of GIMP are you using? (I know it works on 1.1.14 or so)... however, I am using 1.1.24. I'm using the same. Hago

Re: Re[2]: Round selection (again)

2000-07-08 Thread Hago Ziegler
Hi Thomas, Again, it just does not work, the error message I receive is: "Procedural database execution failed: (gimp_selection_bounds 0) Can it be possibly a bug? I tried it again and incidentally I found out, that it works, just like it is. But is works only once, immediately after having

Re: Script-fu crashes - with ICQ

2000-07-19 Thread Hago Ziegler
Hi all, I read several times about script-fu to crash because of "nobody knows". 4 days ago I installed ICQ and since then my script-fus are crashing too. Not all the time, but sometimes. The reason: ICQ uses *.SCM as a fileending. Any music files, but without them, ICQ doesn't work. I just

Re: Script-fu crashes - with ICQ

2000-07-20 Thread Hago Ziegler
Hi, what icq are you using? I don't know, it's on Win98. Hago

Re: Script-fu crashes - with ICQ

2000-07-20 Thread Hago Ziegler
Hi, once more, what icq are you using? i have icqjava and have never had a problem. Do you run it on a Linux machine? I didn't know, that this is possible. Hago

Re: editing layer's mask

2000-07-22 Thread Hago Ziegler
Hi, I applied mask to a layer, but now I want to modify it and I can't find any way how to do this. If you make "Add Layer Mask" you are asked if you want a White or Black mask. If you take the white one and eg paint black on it, the affected layer will be transparent instead of black where

Re: editing layer's mask

2000-07-23 Thread Hago Ziegler
Hi, I know, but what I want to do is to modify the alpha values of the affected layer. ? When I apply Mask to a Layer the alpha values are saved permanently so you can't paint anymore. Painting with colors works and and painting with black to have transparent doesn't work anymore if you

Re: creating patterns

2000-09-29 Thread Hago Ziegler
Hi, since it wasn't understandable what wrote, here once more, what I try: I have a JPG-image. I want to save a little part (16px/16px) of it as a pattern (*.pat). This works only sometimes and I don't understand why it doesn't work in most of the cases. If I eg. create a 16/16 selection of

Re: Transparencies

2000-10-02 Thread Hago Ziegler
Hi, I have an image drawn on a plain white background and need to convert it into a transparent background. imageimage/alpha/add alpha channel imageselection/select by color click into the white space then cut it and it will be transparent. Hago