Re: optimizing graphic for the web

1999-11-10 Thread Jakub Steiner
What is the best way to optimize/compress an image for a web page? Anything non-photographic (or tiny enough) should get indexed and saved either to png or gif (at indexed pallettes, pngs are usually some bytes smaller). The pallette does not need to include 256 colors and for web you can

moving layer masks [2]

1999-12-11 Thread Jakub Steiner
I found a way how to do it. Using a floating selection. But I find this being very time consuming ... there _must_ be a better way... 1. alt+click the layer mask 2. select all 3. float 4. move it 5. anchor it 6. alt+click the layer mask Jakub Steiner -- "who's General Failure? And why

crop tool behaviour

1999-12-14 Thread Jakub Steiner
I don't think it's a good idea to move the cropping selection on topright and bottomleft corner while scale it on the other two. I'd rather use alt for the selection movement. imagine having a huge image and want to make a precise crop. You would have two reectangles, one in top right and one in

Re: selection+-

2000-01-14 Thread Jakub Steiner
has to do with a focus. Make sure you have the image widow focused when adding or substracting selections. Works for me in GIMP 1.1.15 and Icewm 1.0 Jakub Steiner -- "who's General Failure? And why is he reading my disk?" @-{ [EMAIL PROTECTED] }---{ }-@

gDynText problem

2000-03-02 Thread Jakub Steiner
experienced this behaviour and knows where the problem is? I can't live without gDyntext one more day =) I used version 1.4.3 that ships with GIMP CVS and 1.4.4 from author's site. I have a linux 2.2.12 kernel, xfree 3.3.5 running on an i686. Jakub Steiner -- -[ [EMAIL PROTECTED] ]-[ http

Re: layers

2000-03-08 Thread Jakub Steiner
not appeal to me too. Jakub Steiner -- -[ [EMAIL PROTECTED] ]-[ ]- " .. if Windows is the answer it must have been a stupid question .. "

channel operations

2000-03-12 Thread Jakub Steiner
how to copy a part of a channel image to another channel? gimperely Jakub Steiner -- -[ [EMAIL PROTECTED] ]-[ ]- " .. if Windows is the answer it must have been a stupid question .. "

Re: cleaning images filters

2000-07-12 Thread Jakub Steiner
is there any filters I can apply to remove the pattern that covers the girl? I'd go for the Selective Gaussian Blur on this one... Jakub -- -[ [EMAIL PROTECTED] ]-[ ]- "even a stopped clock gives a right time twice a day"


2000-07-15 Thread Jakub Steiner
:// ;) Jakub Steiner -- -[ [EMAIL PROTECTED] ]-[ ]- "even a stopped clock gives a right time twice a day"


2000-07-17 Thread Jakub Steiner
Also, I have had a look at your tutorial. Its great !! One problem though, and that is I was unable to download the file gap-static.xcf.bz2. I got an error message saying "Document Not Found". I am wondering if you could send me this xcf file ? It would help with working through your

Re: Bad rendering of PNG saved from GIMP

2000-08-01 Thread Jakub Steiner
ndex the image using dithering, fill the selection with the web safe color. Hope it helped Jakub Steiner -- -[ [EMAIL PROTECTED] ]-[ ]- "even a stopped clock gives a right time twice a day"

Re: New tutorial at

2000-08-17 Thread Jakub Steiner
is not that well explained. I'd use the mask generated using the threshold filter as a quickmask and then change it to selection and then apply the selective gaussian filter. Otherwise the whole process of creating the mask is kinda redundant. Or am I missing something? Jakub Steiner -- -[ [EMAIL PROTECTED

re: New tutorial at

2000-08-18 Thread Jakub Steiner
to the grayscale mask bitmap. A channel mask on the other hand can be easily converted to a selection and be used for this purpose. If there is a special thing you called alpha layer mask, that works differently then I missed it, but I'm kinda sure it doesn't. Jakub Steiner -- -[ [EMAIL PROTECTED

Re: what digital camera?

2000-08-31 Thread Jakub Steiner
Dne St, 30 srp 2000 jste napsal(a): Any suggestions out there for a moderately priced digital camera that is linux friendly? I'm using SuSE 6.2 Does it matter? I've never used one before, nor seen one used. The best amateur camera I know of is the Olympus Camedia 3030zoom. I went for a

Re: Animations

2000-10-02 Thread Jakub Steiner
On Fri, 29 Sep 2000 15:54:39 +0200 Tobias Gärder [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hiya I'm just wondering, how do i set specific delays for each/some frames in a gifanimation? The only thing i've seen is the generic delay you can set when exporting the animation, but where do i set the others? in

Re: shaving a face

2000-10-23 Thread Jakub Steiner
On Mon, 23 Oct 2000 11:30:49 +0100 Paul Ashton [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Any good mechanism/filter to remove facial hair :-) ? I was trying the colour map, turning stubble colour to skin, but not with much success. Anyone got a good tip? If you wan't to automate it as much as possible, try

Re: animation question

2001-01-29 Thread Jakub Steiner
On 28 Jan 2001 19:32:33 -0500, Kate McMillan wrote: Question is this - I would like to add some more color, now that my first little experiment is a success. But I cannot seem to figure out how to go back into the layers to bring them up for editing? The best thing to do for your future