Re: [git-users] Re: git http clone error

2010-07-16 Thread Peter
:) On Fri, Jul 16, 2010 at 1:27 PM, sudharsan chandrababu wrote: I solved the problem myself by pushing to repo using git protocol ,by enabling git receive pack. On Jul 10, 1:20 pm, Peter wrote: For your situation, using Git:// protocol is fine.

[git-users] Re: git http clone error

2010-07-16 Thread Konstantin Khomoutov
Hey, guys, could you please stick to the widely-accepted and sensible rules of netiquette and at least stop over-quoting let alone top- posting (which sucks big time on its own)?! Quoting 5k of text just to post one smiley and make all the list subscribers see this is slightly over the top in my

[git-users] Initialising a Git repo on a folder mounted via ObexFS

2010-07-16 Thread Camil
Hello! I have a setup that may be a little bit unusual. Here's the story: A while ago, I began developing a small Python application, intended to run on my Windows Mobile 5 PDA. I knew nothing about versioning systems, nor about Git, so I was just developing the... well, blind way. Everything