[git-users] setting up GIT for dependent projects

2010-09-15 Thread blue4ce
I'm new to GIT and I'm having long thoughts about how to use GIT to manage my projects structured as below. CODE1 - .metadata L appleserver L shared-code-archive = common with bananaserver L logger-archive = common with bananaserver CODE2 - .metadata L bananaserver

[git-users] Re: Misnamed remote branch

2010-09-15 Thread Konstantin Khomoutov
On Sep 15, 5:41 pm, Roddie Grant gitl...@myword.co.uk wrote: With a moment's inattention I typed git push test databaseTests:refs/remotes/dev/databaseTsts instead of git push test databaseTests:refs/remotes/dev/databaseTests and now in the test repos the listing from git br -a includes