[git-users] Keep track on releases with git

2010-12-06 Thread Ido Ran
Hi, I have a project (C# if it is matter) which I keep inside a git repository. Every at the end of each development cycle I release a version of the project (this is new :) There are then few possible actions: 1. Continue to develop and never look at this release. 2. A bug is found and I need to

Re: [git-users] Paper on Git to Write, suggestions sought!

2010-12-06 Thread Brett Viren
On Sun, Dec 5, 2010 at 7:12 PM, Neil Grogan n...@grogan.ie wrote: I have a paper to write in College on a SCM system and I choose Git. Just looking for one liners or links as to what you'd include or talk about? Specifically in the research or improvements in Git coming up, as I can't find

[git-users] Re: Forcing a non-fastforward push

2010-12-06 Thread Konstantin Khomoutov
On Dec 5, 11:43 pm, Roddie Grant gitl...@myword.co.uk wrote: [...] Oops, the sequence $ git checkout nowork $ git reset --hard dev/mybranch will make the nowork branch be the same as dev/mybranch branch, of course. -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups

[git-users] Re: Paper on Git to Write, suggestions sought!

2010-12-06 Thread EricP
Hi, Maybe a comparison with Mercurial (hg) would also be nice since it is, in many points, similar in use and philosophy to GIT. But mercurial is written in Python; for Windows users (and gui addicts) there is TortoiseHG, in the same era that TortoiseSVN (and TortoiseCVS, and ...). As I was