Re: [git-users] how to test git branch ? Can I test a branch in the browser address bar ?

2014-10-06 Thread Konstantin Khomoutov
On Sun, 5 Oct 2014 09:03:49 -0700 (PDT) Oliur Chowdhury wrote: Hi, this is a more of a guidance question: I've a local git repo which I then push to public_html/stage in siteground server. for each feature or bug issue I create a different branch and merge it with

[git-users] Git remote repository gets stuck at old change until repack

2014-10-06 Thread Bruce Perens
Hi, I wrote about having a stuck server a while back, and now have new information. I have a remote GIT HTTP server at I created it with git init --bare --group and then pushed from my development system. I serve this with nginx. After I commit and push a new

[git-users] Files are commiting without staging

2014-10-06 Thread John Hite
Greetings, Just installed git on my laptop that has Window XP OS so git runs under mingw. I added some files, and committed them. Then I modified two of them using vi and saved them but did git add on only one of them. Commit accepted bpth. From reading the Atlassian tutorial I got the

[git-users] Git send-email does not work for google two step verification

2014-10-06 Thread ayush ruia
The git send-email app does not seem to work for google two step verfication. It creates a lot of issues, even with giving an app specific password. Moreover if I store the password in the git config file then it is more vulnerable than before because the config file is stored in plain text

[git-users] Updating multiple subtrees in a repository

2014-10-06 Thread Carl Cook
Hi all, Does anyone know if it's possible to do a git subtree pull for all subtrees in the repository? I can do this via CMake, but it would be handy to have this in git (although maybe this is going beyond what git should be expected to do). Thanks, Carl -- You received this message