[git-users] Re: diff-ing branches

2010-10-12 Thread Konstantin Khomoutov
On Oct 12, 9:17 pm, David Doria daviddo...@gmail.com wrote: Here is my setup: MasterRepo: branch 'master' - this is the live copy SecondRepo: branch 'mybranch' - cloned from MasterRepo's master branch a long time ago. Changes have been made. What I want to do is see which files are

Re: [git-users] Re: diff-ing branches

2010-10-12 Thread David Doria
Good idea. I tried to do that, but the diff command fails: [dor...@doriadjec VTK-PCA]$ git remote add kitware git://vtk.org/VTK.git [dor...@doriadjec VTK-PCA]$ git fetch kitware master remote: Counting objects: 6937, done. ... * branchmaster - FETCH_HEAD [dor...@doriadjec