[git-users] Re: git svn fetch

2012-03-07 Thread AdrianH
On Mar 6, 1:10 pm, Konstantin Khomoutov flatw...@users.sourceforge.net wrote: On Tue, 6 Mar 2012 09:05:25 -0800 (PST) AdrianH adrian.hawry...@gmail.com wrote: I was trying to fetch a svn repo and it kept saying:     Authentication realm: *site* *repo* login     password for '*local

Re: [git-users] SVN vs GIT

2012-03-07 Thread radovan bast
- you get backup for free - don't need the network for most operations (you can do work while on transatlantic flight) - most important for us: possibility to commit locally, checkpointing, possibility to checkpoint broken code, code review - with git i am simply more productive radovan