[git-users] Error on PUSH

2012-06-22 Thread Sridhar Pandurangaiah
I have created a bare repository on a rackspace server. The repositories are stored under /home/git/. When I attempt a PUSH (my first) I get the following error message sridhar@sridhar-Aspire-5745:~/SASTRA-Sridhar/TNCA$ git push origin master g...@git.sastratechnologies.net's password:

[git-users] Re: Error on PUSH

2012-06-22 Thread Sridhar Pandurangaiah
I have resolved this by changing the ownership of the directory to the 'GIT and assigning the required permissions using the following shell commands $chown -R git:git /home/git $chmod 700 /home/git I guess other users should be added to the 'git' group so that they can PUSH and CLONE. --

[git-users] Gitweb on Rackspace

2012-06-22 Thread Sridhar Pandurangaiah
I am attempting to create an authoritative repository on one of my Rackspace servers. I have already created the bare repositories and moved them to the directory /home/git on Rackspace. I have a user named GIT (and hence a group of the same name) and have created other users in my team and

Re: [git-users] Re: Documentation discrepancy

2012-06-22 Thread Konstantin Khomoutov
On Thu, 21 Jun 2012 18:06:29 -0700 (PDT) Git User usv299792...@gmail.com wrote: Thank you. Here is what I meant: echo alpha a.txt add a.txt echo beta b.txt add b.txt echo gamma b.txt Now I have a.txt and b.txt in staged state; and b.txt also has unstaged changes. I want to commit

[git-users] finding unexpected carriage returns

2012-06-22 Thread Michael K Johnson
I am currently working with a set of Git repositories with lots of committers across multiple operating systems, and committing from both Git and EGit/JGit. This makes for lots of opportunities to get variations in line endings in the repository. I implemented .gitattributes specifying which

[git-users] Microsoft User Research: Looking Nationwide for Devs using GIT for upcoming research study --$100 VISA gift card for your participation!

2012-06-22 Thread Gina @ Microsoft
Hi GIT group members, I'm with Microsoft User Research and we're looking nationwide for devs NOT using MS Tools for an upcoming remote study done over the phone. We'll thank you with a $100 gift card! If you're interested, you can email me, Gina, at ucco...@microsoft.com with the