Re: [git-users] Any writers out there?

2011-02-28 Thread Gergely Polonkai
If you decide to commit after each save, you may like SparkleShare. It uses git as a backend, and does exactly this, makes a commit whenever anything changes in the directory. It feels a bit like a Dropbox, except it's not in the cloud (well, unless your git repo is in the cloud). On

Re: [git-users] will i have to initialize other folders/directories which are in my master repository ?

2013-02-05 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Hello, You only have to initialize your project root, and add files in them with git add css/main.css Best, Gergely On 5 February 2013 14:34, Jamna Vyas wrote: Hi all, Few days back i started to learn about git , so* i m very beginner for git and i never used any kind

Re: [git-users] Re: git subtree workflow

2013-02-27 Thread Gergely Polonkai
If you are familiar with symlinks under Linux, you can think of submodules as such. You add a reference to another git repository, check it out to a subdirectory, and you are done. The Git book has a chapter on it: On 27 February 2013 23:21, Ben

Re: [git-users] Re: git subtree workflow

2013-02-27 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Sorry, I wasn't totally clear. Forgive me as I'm in the middle of a bad flu :) As Ryan says, hosting both the monolithic stuff AND the modules can be dangerous, unless the modules are actually independent. The Symfony project, for example, hosts the whole framework in a large github repo, and

Re: [git-users] warning: Not setting branch master as its own upstream.

2013-03-04 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Both --track and --set-upstream-to operates on the current branch. The thing you need is: --track origin/master or --set-upstream-to=origin/master Gergely On 4 March 2013 18:21, FlashBurn wrote: I committed some changes to my repository at home and then I tried to

Re: [git-users] not clear about submodules

2013-03-04 Thread Gergely Polonkai
I'm not tottally sure about it, but AFAIK git submodule update fetches the latest commit of the master branch, and then checks it out, leaving the submodule directory in a detached state. You can, however, check out a specific branch or tag (see the git-checkout manual on that). I hope this

Re: [git-users] Keeping IDE files in a public project

2013-03-22 Thread Gergely Polonkai
That depends on your IDE. E.g. Netbeans cat store the project (IDE) files in a separate directory, and as I remember, Eclipse can do the same. On 22 March 2013 23:22, Ram Rachum wrote: Hi everybody, Here's a problem I had to deal with many times. I'm hoping someone here

Re: [git-users] Keeping IDE files in a public project

2013-03-22 Thread Gergely Polonkai
the IDE's powers :) On 22 March 2013 23:47, Ram Rachum wrote: Gergerly, that doesn't solve my problem. I want the files to be saved for me to be able to use them on any computer in which I work on the repo. On Sat, Mar 23, 2013 at 12:39 AM, Gergely Polonkai gerg

Re: [git-users] Keeping IDE files in a public project

2013-03-22 Thread Gergely Polonkai
March 2013 00:28, Ram Rachum wrote: And this will be more convenient than a submodule? On Sat, Mar 23, 2013 at 1:24 AM, Gergely Polonkai gerg...@polonkai.euwrote: If you manage to store them in a different directory, it will be easy to manage them in a your own repository. E.g

Re: [git-users] non-standard usage of git on windows shared folder

2013-04-27 Thread Gergely Polonkai
As Excel files are binary (from git's point of view), merging will be kind of pain I think. Otherwise it's not a bad idea. There is even a tool called SparkleShare for such tasks. On 27 Apr 2013 20:40, Alex wrote: Hi everyone! I like git very much as version control system

Re: [git-users] GUI repository browser?

2013-05-16 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Hello, gitk is a repository browser. To create/modify commits, use git gui. I personally use these two tools, and Rabbit VCS ( as I recall), which integrates well with the most popular file managers. Best, Gergely On 17 May 2013 00:33, Dale R. Worley wrote:

Re: [git-users] how to protect my source while allowing a new developer to work

2013-06-06 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Hello, git doesn't provide such thing by default. To achieve that, you should use external software, like gitosis or gitolite. Best, Gergely On 7 Jun 2013 00:42, benoît person wrote: Hi From what I know, git does not support branch permissions. The best way to deal

Re: [git-users] Help on move the git repo directory from /opt/git to /passdev/git on unix server

2013-06-26 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Hello Lingfei, as Git doesn't store anything about the absolute path of the repository (only stuff under the directory containing the .git directory counts), you don't have to do anything else but the move on the server side. Of course, if the developers set it up like user@gitserver:/opt/git,

Re: [git-users] newbie questions

2013-06-28 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Hello, if I was you, I would use a bare repository on the server side. This will render the server's repository unreadable for the human eye, but the server-side merging would become unnecessary. To do this, create a new directory on the server, and issue the command git init --bare in it.

Re: [git-users] How to deal with concurrent changes in a project

2013-07-02 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Hello, do I get it right, and you have only two repos, one on the linux and one on the windows machine, and you don't use an intermittent repository, like a git server, Gitorious or Github? If so, you MUST commit or stash your changes in origin, before pushing your changes there. Or, you may set

Re: [git-users] How to deal with concurrent changes in a project

2013-07-02 Thread Gergely Polonkai
@John McKown, `git stash` can be rewerted with `git stash pop`, so it cleans up the working directory only temporarily. So it does just what it says it will do: put your changes in a stash. On 2 July 2013 14:55, John McKown wrote: Dang it, don't do the git stash at

Re: [git-users] Branch of branches?

2013-07-08 Thread Gergely Polonkai
On 8 Jul 2013 16:44, leam hall wrote: Okay, newbie question. Organization Foo has developers Sam, Fred, and Guido. The org clones Project X and over time realizes their own branch needs to be separate from the project for a while. Sam, Fred, and Guido each branch their code

Re: [git-users] Re: GUI repository browser?

2013-08-02 Thread Gergely Polonkai
On 2 Aug 2013 23:02, Dale R. Worley wrote: From: Thomas Ferris Nicolaisen My general environment is Fedora Linux, using the X Windows system. I use vtwm as a window manager, so I don't have all the KDE/Gnome/whatever accessories. Much of my work

Re: [git-users] Branch level authentication

2013-08-16 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Hello, git itself is not capable of authentication and authorization, you will need a separate software for that. I personally use gitosis, but many others exist out there. This kind of software is needed only on the server side, clients can still use good old git client. Best, Gergely On 16 Aug

Re: [git-users] Re: git --depth=1 to git fetch --unshallow. does it do just the diff ?

2013-08-26 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Hello, out of the solutions provided by the Stack Overflow article (mentioned by Thomas), I would definitely choose git-bundle. That is the safest way, as the only thing you will need to know is the last commit you have in the other repository. See [1], the EXAMPLES section holds some good, well,

Re: [git-users] Re: git --depth=1 to git fetch --unshallow. does it do just the diff ?

2013-08-26 Thread Gergely Polonkai
the repo to a private folder, if possible. E.g. take a pendrive with you, do a git clone to clone the read only repo into a folder on it, and periodically do a git pull when you are around again. On 26 Aug 2013 11:04, shirish शिरीष wrote: @Gergely Polonkai I read the bit about

Re: [git-users] Git's use of less

2013-08-26 Thread Gergely Polonkai
On 26 Aug 2013 21:53, Dale R. Worley wrote: From: Konstantin Khomoutov 2) I dislike defaulting to using a pager I think you're a part of a minority in this case -- when you work with Git in a shell, having to append | mypetpager

Re: [git-users] Read GIT directory manualy

2013-08-26 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Although I haven't used it myself, your life would be easier with libgit[1]. It implements most core features, so it might help you (or you may be qble to pick some parts of it). [1] On 26 Aug 2013 23:22, Boris Trivic wrote: Hi everyone. I am

Re: [git-users] git fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

2013-08-27 Thread Gergely Polonkai
The second one is obviously from SSH. Can you simply do ssh gitolite@ ? On 27 Aug 2013 09:59, Володимир Кулик wrote: parf@parf:~/work$ git remote add frontend.epass gitolite@ fatal: remote frontend.epass already exists. fatal:

Re: [git-users] git fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

2013-08-27 Thread Gergely Polonkai
So the SSH part is all right. In this case, you should check gitolite's logs maybe. On 27 Aug 2013 10:08, Володимир Кулик wrote: The second one is obviously from SSH. Can you simply do ssh gito...@ ? parf@parf:~/work$ ssh gitolite@ PTY

Re: [git-users] Regarding cloning and best practices

2013-08-28 Thread Gergely Polonkai
There was a tutorial'ish post here on the list a few days ago about named remotes. If you clone a remote repository, a named remote is created, called origin, and your local master (or whatever) branch is set to track origin/master. Now if you change origin's URL (git remote --set-url

Re: [git-users] git branch : strange !

2013-08-30 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Hello, braches hold only commited changes (actually, they are pointers to one specific commit). Uncommited changes travel between checkouts (well, unless the target branch is in a totally different state, as then you will face even stranger merge issues). So take this advise: never checkout

Re: [git-users] avoid git deleting tags file

2013-09-04 Thread Gergely Polonkai
I can't try it until afternoon, but isn't it enough to pass -e tags after -xfd? From the --help snippet it seems so. On 4 Sep 2013 06:34, dexter ietf wrote: On Tuesday, September 3, 2013 8:07:06 PM UTC+5:30, William Seiti Mizuta wrote: Hi Dexter, you are using option

Re: [git-users] how to commit one line/change only from a branch back to the master?

2013-09-12 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Cherry picking is your friend here. The easiest way maybe if you add the bug fixing two lines as a separate commit. This way you will only have to cherry pick that only commit. Otherwise, you may add -n to git-cherrypick, so it won't commit the cherry picked commit instantly, but let you

Re: [git-users] how to commit one line/change only from a branch back to the master?

2013-09-13 Thread Gergely Polonkai
UTC+2, Gergely Polonkai wrote: Cherry picking is your friend here. The easiest way maybe if you add the bug fixing two lines as a separate commit. This way you will only have to cherry pick that only commit. Otherwise, you may add -n to git-cherrypick, so it won't commit the cherry picked

Re: [git-users] Re: repo tool from google (android development)

2013-09-19 Thread Gergely Polonkai
On 19 Sep 2013 14:39, Gabriel Marchesan Almeida wrote: Thanks for your answer Thomas, However this is not what I am looking for. git-submodules is nice when you have stable components or third party libraries where you can easily choose the version you want to

Re: [git-users] git workflow (testing branch, then rolling back to master branch)

2013-09-20 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Hello, how about this? git fetch origin hotfix.module-xxx git checkout -b hotfix.module-xxx origin/hotfix.module-xxx (compile, test, whatever) git checkout master Maybe there's a shorthand for fetch checkout -b. I'm not behind git --help right now to check. It worked for me several times this

Re: [git-users] Git / vcs newbie question: Sharing changes between branches

2013-09-25 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Although totally independent from Git itself, I think this is the point where shared libraries come in to the picture. For example, you may want to outsource the common work to a shared library, and maybe add this library either as a compile time dependency, or as a git-subtree; both would mean

Re: [git-users] restrict history/messages on push?

2013-09-26 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Hello, first of all, Fred should stop using such commit messages :-) Seriously speaking, I think that's where git rebase -i comes in. Before pushing, rebase on the last public commit, and edit/squash the unnecessary commits. Cheers, Gergely On 26 Sep 2013 04:19, Tom Roche

Re: [git-users] Re: Question: git merge origin/master

2013-09-26 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Hello, The point is to rebase before pushing, thus, only rearrange/edit only the commits that haven't gone public yet. Rebasing is only a bad idea if you do it with already pushed commits. The other use case is rebase on pull. If your upstream changes while you develop your own code, do a git

Re: [git-users] Easy question about merging

2013-10-11 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Hello, Another approach is to try to rebase X on master. The following works only if branch X was created from master. $ git checkout X $ git rebase master As you mentioned, X is a refactored version, it is more than likely that you will encounter merge conflicts during the process. However, if

Re: [git-users] Switching to another hash on branch

2013-10-16 Thread Gergely Polonkai
master is actually just a pointer to a commit (”hash in your terms), in your case, to aaa. So if you switch to another commit (git checkout eee), you can no longer be on master (aaa). You can git-reset, if you don't need aaa's changes any more, but bare in mind that it can mess up things if you

Re: [git-users] GIT with large projects

2013-10-19 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Hello, according to your description, your project seems to be something like the Linux kernel, and Git handles that just fine. Depending on your build environment, Git branches may help you a lot, as, if it is designed well, can prevent full rebuilds. Cheers, Gergely On 19 Oct 2013 23:40, Blake

Re: [git-users] Struggling to find a git workflow

2013-10-23 Thread Gergely Polonkai
How about mixing your current solution with Git(Hub)? As I undurstand, your entire repository is kept on Dropbox. If you have your CMS files ignored, it doesn't pollute your own code (that, your Git repo), so I don't see what else would you want to achieve. Unless you want to eliminate Dropbox

[git-users] Removing large files from the index – is it a good idea?

2013-11-07 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Hello, I know it was on topic several times before, but today this problem also came to me. I have a project tracked by git, which contained source code for both a binary and a library. The library had several relatively large (~30 MB each, ~400 MX total) data files, which were generated by an

Re: [git-users] Git commit comment

2013-11-15 Thread Gergely Polonkai
My first guess is that you haven't updated your local repository from GitHub. Have you issued git pull before viewing your local log? On 15 November 2013 11:28, nanna wrote: Hi I would like to list out the commit comment given on github from command line. Is it

Re: [git-users] git merge multiple commits as single commit?

2014-01-17 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Hello, at step 4 I would do a rebase instead of a merge. This way when you merge your local changes to master in step 6, you can do an interactive rebase, and squash all your local commits into one general commit. I don’t see your problem though, why is it a problem that your changes appear as

Re: [git-users] ignore files with hard definition

2014-01-31 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Hello, I don't know of any method built into git, but how about denying commits that modify the .gitignore file(s)? This way your hook must only check if the commit has modifications to any files called .gitignore. Cheers, Gergely On 31 January 2014 08:25, Philipp Kraus

Re: [git-users] using GIT as library from an own C program

2014-02-14 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Hello, there is a project called libgit (maybe libgit2?). However, it is not part of Git, it is totally independent (from development's view). Cheers, Gergely On 14 February 2014 21:27, mareb wrote: Hello, is it possible to use a git library? I found no lib on my

Re: [git-users] How many repositories is required?

2014-02-24 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Hello, I personally use one repository per application/library (and use submodules if an application needs a particular library). All these repos sit on the same one server, and I use gitosis to manage access to them (others may prefer gitolite). Cheers, Gergely On 24 February 2014 22:48,

Re: [git-users] git rm dirname didn't work

2014-03-12 Thread Gergely Polonkai
As far as I remember, you have to use git rm -r for that (-r stands for recursive); but without my machine at home/at work, I'm not 100% sure yet. On 12 March 2014 04:43, wrote: I want to rm a directory from the repository. I use git rm dirname, but it didn't work. Somebody

Re: [git-users] Re: git clone a directory into a new local directory with a new name

2014-03-26 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Try removing the directory with rmdir newDirectory (without git). If that fails, newDirectory is obviously not empty. In that case you should check the contents of the dir with ls -la newDirectory, and/or remove it with rm -rf newDirectory. Cheers, Gergely On 26 March 2014 02:00, Michael Laird

Re: [git-users] Access git objects

2014-03-31 Thread Gergely Polonkai
That tutorial also have an aliases section at [1]. According to that, `git hist` is actually git log --pretty=format:%h %ad | %s%d [%an] --graph --date=short [1] On 31 March 2014 12:06, Ashutosh Das wrote: Is there any working tutorial for

Re: [git-users] Creating a new branch

2014-04-22 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Another common practise for release naming is the usage of tags. In my projects, for example, I have several tags like v1.0.0, v2.4.2 and such. On 21 Apr 2014 14:53, Simon Joseph Aquilina wrote: Hi Konstantin, Thanks for your reply. Reading your reply make me think that

[git-users] Out of memory while cloning large (cca. 48000 commits) SVN repo

2014-04-28 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Hello, I’m trying to clone an SVN repository with around 48000 revisions, several branches and tags (svn:// After a few thousands commits, Git failed (complaining something about sed, I haven’t wrote that down), so I svnrdumped the whole repository onto my filesystem. After that,

Re: [git-users] Out of memory while cloning large (cca. 48000 commits) SVN repo

2014-04-29 Thread Gergely Polonkai
in the evening (CEST). On 29 Apr 2014 12:32, Konstantin Khomoutov wrote: On Mon, 28 Apr 2014 21:16:40 +0200 Gergely Polonkai wrote: I’m trying to clone an SVN repository with around 48000 revisions, several branches and tags (svn

Re: [git-users] Git error on push : refusing to update checked out branch

2014-05-04 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Hello, you are using a non-bare repository on the remote side. Such repositories always have a branch checked out (read: the contents of its commits are written to actual files on the disk). On the other side, bare repositories are just that: bare. This means that they store all commits, but not

Re: [git-users] How to create a repo

2014-06-04 Thread Gergely Polonkai
You must first create an empty repository on Z:, add it as a remote in C:\mydir, then issue the git push. Basically as follows, although I don’t know how Windows git handles backslashes in paths, so maybe you will have to replace it wich slashes: C:\mydir Z: Z:\ mkdir projectname Z:\ cd

Re: [git-users] Get file SHA just prior to tag

2014-06-11 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Now that we know this, git-bisect is exactly the tool he needs! He specifies the last known commit without the bug, and the first known commit with the bug. Git will then choose intermediate commits for you to test if the bug still exists, and point you to the first bad one. Hope that helps. On

Re: [git-users] Get file SHA just prior to tag

2014-06-11 Thread Gergely Polonkai
git-ls-tree prints the blob’s (file’s) hash. It has nothing to do with a commit, which has its own hash (as you have already noticed). As far as I can get, your boss needs a commit hash, as he wants to know who and when introduced the bug. For that, you can even use git-bisect (as I suggested

Re: [git-users] Get file SHA just prior to tag

2014-06-11 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Trying to make things a bit more clean… @John Fisher, you (and maybe your boss) might want to read [1] which somewhat explains git’s private parts, and how exactly it works. Not the most complete list (to be honest, I’ve seen a better one *somewhere*, I just lost the link :( Anyways, I hope it

Re: [git-users] How did I make this mess?

2014-07-10 Thread Gergely Polonkai
The only question that came into my mind if the pull you issued caused any merge problems? On 10 July 2014 23:25, Dale R. Worley wrote: I'm hardly an expert, but what I see for the description of the 9:11 commit (5f5345a) is Merge branch 'master' of;.

Re: [git-users] Installing GIT on Ubuntu 12.04

2014-07-17 Thread Gergely Polonkai
I haven't used Ubuntu in a while, but a few years ago it was called git-core, not git. On 17 Jul 2014 11:54, Ellick Marquez wrote: Hi everybody, I want to install git on my computer with ubuntu 12.04 but when I put the next code sudo apt-get install git on my terminal,

[git-users] Squash first two commits together

2014-07-22 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Hello, I have a fresh repository, with only three commits. I made a mistake, as the first two commits should be one. Normally I would do that with an interactive rebase, but in this case I cannot use origin/master (as there are no remotes yet), neither HEAD^^^ as it refers to no commits (I cannot

Re: [git-users] Re: Squash first two commits together

2014-07-24 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Thank you, this option slipped my eye at 1am somehow :-) On 23 Jul 2014 08:03, Konstantin Khomoutov wrote: On Wednesday, July 23, 2014 3:44:15 AM UTC+4, Gergely Polonkai wrote: I have a fresh repository, with only three commits. I made a mistake, as the first

Re: [git-users] System/Hardware requirements of RHEL server for Git installation

2014-07-30 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Hello, this, actually, depends more on your project size. I successfully run Git on really old machines, like things RHEL itself doesn't support any more. I have an old Geode processor machine with 128MB RAM, and Git runs fine on it. It is also insalled and doing well on my Raspberry Pi, with

Re: [git-users] Question about git diff

2014-08-03 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Also make sure that your patch actually can be applied to HEAD by doing ie. a git pull --rebase or similar. On 3 Aug 2014 02:10, Philip Oakley wrote: *From:* Sreepathi Prasanna *To:* *Sent:* Saturday, August 02,

[git-users] Merge+rebase diverged branches

2014-08-03 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Hello, I have two branches, master and table, both went through some changes and have their respective tracking brances: M1! - M2! - M3! \ \-T1! - T2! - T3 - T4 commits marked with ! are pushed upstream. I'd like to merge master into table, and rebase my local commits (T3 and T4) on top of

Re: [git-users] Merge+rebase diverged branches

2014-08-03 Thread Gergely Polonkai
. On 3 Aug 2014 17:00, Philip Oakley wrote: *From:* Gergely Polonkai *To:* *Sent:* Sunday, August 03, 2014 2:09 PM *Subject:* [git-users] Merge+rebase diverged branches Hello, I have two branches, master and table, both

Re: [git-users] Merge+rebase diverged branches

2014-08-04 Thread Gergely Polonkai
myself a challenge. On 4 Aug 2014 11:06, Gunnar Strand wrote: Hi Gergely, On 08/03/14 17:46, Gergely Polonkai wrote: Thank you for your advice, Philip! Table, in this case, is a new major feature in the app, and parts of that feature are already pushed to get feedback

Re: [git-users] Unstaged Changes with Brand New Repository

2014-08-07 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Hello, if I understand well, you just issued `git init` through the GUI. Note that git init doesn't add/commit any of your files, just creates an empty repository. You may check it with `git log` (maybe it is called History in the GUI, but I might confuse it with SVN). You should add and commit

[git-users] Merge only one commit from a straight branch

2014-08-09 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Hello, I have a somewhat clean history: M1 - M2 - M3* \ - H1 - H2 - H3* M is branch master, H is a topic branch, each of them point to the commit marked with the asterisk. Now I want to move master forward only one commit (others are not ready for publish, and are subject

Re: [git-users] How should I use Git when I have two computers with different files?

2014-08-15 Thread Gergely Polonkai
The information you gave is a bit loosy. Do you have modifications on A, or everything in A is pushed to BitBucket? How did you copy your repository from A to B? Did you just copy the directory, or used git clone to create a second one? Are you using branches, or everything you do is on master?

Re: [git-users] How should I use Git when I have two computers with different files?

2014-08-16 Thread Gergely Polonkai
On 15 August 2014 21:41, Suh-Shin hwang wrote: -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups Git for human beings group. To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an email to

Re: [git-users] git clone fails when invoked with python/php scripts.

2014-08-17 Thread Gergely Polonkai
The first thing that comes into my mind is that maybe SELinux is turned on and the httpd daemon is not allowed to make outbound network connections. Still, unfortunately, it is more like an OS than a Git problem. On 17 Aug 2014 20:58, Vaibhav Chauhan wrote: Hi, I am trying

Re: [git-users] Review changes in a concrete line of code

2014-08-19 Thread Gergely Polonkai
git-log comes to the rescue. You can pass --since DATE to git-log, and can even give a path or file name, too. For example: git log --since '4 days' src/susp.c will display every commit in the last 4 day that modified srcsusp.c On 19 Aug 2014 15:59, Norike Abe wrote: Excuse me

Re: [git-users] Understanding Cherry-Pick

2014-08-27 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Hello Brian, the patch you are getting is actually the difference between L3 and workbranch (Line3). What you are facing is a conflict resolution: you have different modifications for the same file; in this case, both master~1 and workbranch added lines to the test.txt file, and now you have to

Re: [git-users] Can git detect and manage source file's extensional attribute by command 'setfattr' ?

2014-09-04 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Hello, as far as I remember, Git only stores the executable flag of the current user. Git is a source management tool (version control system); what you need here (IMHO) is a deployment tool here, which Git is not. Best, Gergely On 4 September 2014 10:01, wangfeng wangfeng

Re: [git-users] how corporates handle git repositories?

2014-09-05 Thread Gergely Polonkai
You can easily host Git repos using an SSH server and git installed on a company machine. If you have multiple repos, you may want to look at other solutions like gitosis. If you need a whole development environment with code review and such, you might want to take a look at phabricator. On 5 Sep

Re: [git-users] Is there a short-hand for referring to the first commit?

2014-09-12 Thread Gergely Polonkai
The only thing I can come up with is this: $ git rev-list --max-parents=0 HEAD It can, though, return more than one result if you have multiple branches from the initial root (e.g. created with git checkout --orphan). In usual workflows, this should give you a unique ID. On 12 September 2014

Re: [git-users] Needc explanation of the differences between GIT and SVN

2014-09-17 Thread Gergely Polonkai
On 17 Sep 2014 17:29, Dmitry Moscow wrote: I come from an SVN background, and I have a hard time grasping Git's philosophy. In particular, I'm confused by the following. Imagine I have made some changes in my working dir. If I switch to another branch, the

Re: [git-users] Git server silently drops updates on push

2014-09-20 Thread Gergely Polonkai
First I'd check if I'm pushing to the right remote. What command did you use to push? Does it include the remote's name? If not, what is the remote tracking branch of your local branch? Does that point to the remote you are checking? Did git push have *any* output? When you cloned to the temp

Re: [git-users] new git install only showing code window

2014-09-21 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Hello, the interface you linked looks to be TortoiseGit ( to me, maybe you should install that, then. Best, Gergely On 20 September 2014 00:23, Joanna Gunst wrote: Hi, Complete newbie here. I believe I just installed Git on my home

Re: [git-users] Branch ahead by x commits

2014-09-21 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Hello, this depends on many things, like you agreed workflow (even if you work alone, you should agree with yourself). There are [1] and [2] as notable examples. Basically, I would say yes, you should switch to master (git checkout master) and merge your changes (git merge your-other-branch).

Re: [git-users] Git on a Mac OS after updating Xcode

2014-09-22 Thread Gergely Polonkai
I guess you were addressing the wrong list with this question. You should report it to the X-Code support/mailing list/whatever. Although I’m not a lawyer, my guess is that they are not connected in any way. Git is one product with its on licence, X-Code is another. On 22 September 2014 10:46,

Re: [git-users] Git on a Mac OS after updating Xcode

2014-09-22 Thread Gergely Polonkai
offtopic As far as I know, Git is licensed under the GNU GPL v2.0. Stock git never tells you to accept its licence, though. This seems to be a legal issue for me, as it seems that they are relicensing Git under their own. Still, this is not in the reach of this list. /offtopic On 22 September

Re: [git-users] Re: File dates after CHECKOUT

2014-09-30 Thread Gergely Polonkai
That said, it still can be done, although it is not natively supported, you may do it with some custom tool. By finding the last commit a specific file was modified in, you may apply the date of the commit to that file. However, if you have a large repository, looking at this information for each

Re: [git-users] Re: File dates after CHECKOUT

2014-10-01 Thread Gergely Polonkai wrote: On Tue, 30 Sep 2014 21:51:12 +0200 Gergely Polonkai wrote: That said, it still can be done, although it is not natively supported, you may do it with some custom tool. By finding the last commit a specific file was modified in, you may apply

Re: [git-users] Excluding Makefile from a git repo (also for git reset --hard)

2014-10-20 Thread Gergely Polonkai
I’m not familiar with the kernel sources. If the Makefile is part of the git tree, you can commit your changes and always do a git pull --rebase when you need the new changes. If not (Makefile is generated somehow), then you have to create some automation that changes that line (like a sed script

Re: [git-users] Re: I create GitPrep. This is GitHub portable clone.

2014-10-22 Thread Gergely Polonkai
This is a bit misleading… it actually requires cpanm, mojolicious legacy, and so on (which, well, come bundled, but still). The project itself looks really promising, it just needs a bit love here and there. I’ll definitely take a deeper look! On 20 October 2014 19:59,

Re: [git-users] branch status

2014-10-31 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Hello, you don't. Git is decentralised, which means that anyone with access can clone your repository, and do whatever they want on it: create branches that you will never see, remove branches you created, really, virtually anything. You won't know about their changes until they push back to the

Re: [git-users] Scratch and GitHub

2014-11-18 Thread Gergely Polonkai
I'm not familiar with scratch, but if it saves textual (non binary) files, then you are good to go! On 18 Nov 2014 21:49, Lorena Martin wrote: Hello, I am new to Git. Can I use it with the programming language Scratch? I am mentoring someone, and the mentees are supposed to

Re: [git-users] Re: GIT server is not working

2014-12-04 Thread Gergely Polonkai
That's more like an Apache question, not Git-related. Anyways, is there a reason you can't use or * as the IP address? That would solve this problem of yours. On 4 Dec 2014 22:27, Jirong Hu wrote: I just figured out I have this in conf.d and the IP address has been

Re: [git-users] Modify commit message in pre-push hook

2014-12-08 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Hello, the problem with this approach is that upon the next pull, you will get different commits, so you will have to merge or rebase. Still, according to the githooks manpage, there is no such hook that operates before pushing. But you should wait for other people's answer before taking this as

Re: [git-users] git add doesn't display anything

2014-12-12 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Git doesn't actually work this way. After you added your file with git add, you can use git status to check what will be included in your commit. If you are satisfied with the result, you can do a git commit. On 12 Dec 2014 17:21, scls wrote: Hello, I'm new to Git so please

Re: [git-users] Best practices: Derived Files

2015-01-21 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Hello, the fact you are speaking about a gh-pages branch makes me assume you are working on a GitHub Page[1]. In this case yes, you must put the minified file in the repository, as GitHub won't minify it for you. Think of the gh-pages branch as the deployment area, which is coincidentally in the

Re: [git-users] Re: git hangs up unexpectedly (but git push works, kinda) dropbear+git

2015-02-18 Thread Gergely Polonkai
If I have to make a guess, it may be a memory issue. Both devices you mention has a very limited amount of RAM. Maybe you should try git push --verbose, so Git will report a bit more things to you. On 18 Feb 2015 19:21, Aaron Dennis wrote: As with WD, I am experiencing the

Re: [git-users] Added submodule by accident and now confused

2015-02-18 Thread Gergely Polonkai
It's a bit unclear for me what you exactly did. Could you paste the output of your failing commands, please? On 18 Feb 2015 19:21, Howard Miller wrote: Went like this... - I have a project in git working with no issues - I added a bunch of code in a subdirectory not

Re: [git-users] Hotfix in a develop/master branch model for old version

2015-02-16 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Hello, I would create a release branch (as suggested by Philip). After this, you fix the bug on either master or version-1.0, and cherry-pick the change to every other branches. This way you can close version-1.0 branch after a maintenance period (like by telling your customer that sorry, we no

Re: [git-users] How to recover deleted files from a bad usage of .gitignore

2015-02-10 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Hello, Nelson is just right about git rm, except it does nothing with untracked files. What you may have done is git clean -x which removes all files unknown to Git (even untracked ones). In this case you are on your own and try some file system utilities, if any, to recover your files. Best,

Re: [git-users] How to avoid files while rebase and switch between branches?

2015-01-08 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Hello, I have no `man` at hand to check this, but as I remember, if you ignore those files (put them in .gitignore or .git/info/exclude), git won't complain about them. However, if you have already added those files in an old commit, you will have to remove them on each branch Best, Gergely On

Re: [git-users] GIT command/plugin to create archive to send it for the code review

2015-03-17 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Hello, if both parties are using Git, maybe you should go with git-format-patch, while the other side can use git-am. Best, Gergely On 16 Mar 2015 15:03, Konstantin Khomoutov wrote: On Wed, 11 Mar 2015 04:54:36 -0700 (PDT) Raluca Popa wrote:

Re: [git-users] Setting up users in GIT

2015-03-10 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Hello, Git, in itself, doesn't support authentication/authorization, or users in any sense. There are, however, several applications that can do it for you, the most known may be gitolite. Best, Gergely On 10 Mar 2015 01:44, William Lasiewicz wrote: What is the best way to

Re: [git-users] Branching Questions

2015-02-27 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Hello, this is because checkout -b sets up a so called tracking branch. Tracking branches, among other things, have a feature that whenever you do a git push, the commits on your local branch will be pushed to the tracking remote; in your case, to origin/master. What you should do is to ask Git

Re: [git-users] Identifying user who ran “git reset” command

2015-02-21 Thread Gergely Polonkai
Gergely! I am wondering how can we log pushes and whether push logs will contain details about 'git reset'. Can you please help me with the command (not the exact syntax) or some link which i can refer to, to implement logging for pushes? On Sat, Feb 21, 2015 at 2:16 PM, Gergely Polonkai gerg

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