[git-users] Error on PUSH

2012-06-22 Thread Sridhar Pandurangaiah
I have created a bare repository on a rackspace server. The repositories are stored under /home/git/. When I attempt a PUSH (my first) I get the following error message sridhar@sridhar-Aspire-5745:~/SASTRA-Sridhar/TNCA$ git push origin master g...@git.sastratechnologies.net's password:

[git-users] Re: Error on PUSH

2012-06-22 Thread Sridhar Pandurangaiah
I have resolved this by changing the ownership of the directory to the 'GIT and assigning the required permissions using the following shell commands $chown -R git:git /home/git $chmod 700 /home/git I guess other users should be added to the 'git' group so that they can PUSH and CLONE. --

[git-users] Gitweb on Rackspace

2012-06-22 Thread Sridhar Pandurangaiah
I am attempting to create an authoritative repository on one of my Rackspace servers. I have already created the bare repositories and moved them to the directory /home/git on Rackspace. I have a user named GIT (and hence a group of the same name) and have created other users in my team and

[git-users] Re: Gitweb on Rackspace

2012-07-05 Thread Sridhar Pandurangaiah
I thought as much, but seems like I have missed somthing. I am retracing my steps will post the root causes once I am done with the setup. -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups Git for human beings group. To view this discussion on the web visit