confused by git diff --exit-code

2012-10-24 Thread Bogolisk
With merge conflicts in the work-tree, diff's exit-code seems inconsistent. I thought --quiet implied --exit-code /others/foo$ git diff --quiet /others/foo$ echo $? 1 /others/foo$ git diff --exit-code diff --cc foo.txt index f3dc283,bea67fd..000 --- a/foo.txt +++ b/foo.txt /others/foo$

Re: Revert option for git add --patch

2012-11-09 Thread Bogolisk
Jonathon Mah jmah at writes: Nathan, I find myself performing similar actions to you: using git add -p to stage hunks, sometimes editing the staged patch; and keeping mental notes of things I wanted to revert, sometimes changing them in the editor in another window, and