[BUG] gitk tree view: lines messed up

2016-08-23 Thread Raimar Sandner
Hi, I'm having problems with gitk not displaying the history tree correctly. The lines representing branches are messed up, circles for the individual commits are missing (screenshot attached). I tried to delete ~/.config/git/gitk, even tried a completely fresh user account without success.

Re: [PATCH] Gitk tree view (correction)

2005-08-25 Thread Linda Walter
Hey, that's a nice one. Now I can easily go through my code without using the web interface. It would be nice if you could mark the lines that have changed in bold or whatever. It would also be nice, to add the current uncommitted working version as newest revision. Stagger (Please CC me, as

[PATCH] Gitk tree view (correction)

2005-08-24 Thread Ingo Bormuth
I'm sorry for sending a non-working patch. Apparently I got lost in /tmp. So here is the patch for gitk that allows you to browse the entire tree for every revision. The patched gitk script and some screenshots can be found at: http://public.efil.de/gitk/ For my personal use it's rather