[GKD] Free/Open-Source Software for Engineering Students (India)

2002-05-15 Thread Frederick Noronha
THE PENGUIN AS ENGINEER: TAKING GNU/LINUX TO THE PORTALS OF HIGHER EDUCATION By Frederick Noronha IT MAY BE taking its time to get done, but this is one simple idea that could have a wide-ranging impact for thousand of young engineers-in-the-making across India. Put briefly, the idea is simply

Re: [GKD] Non-profit Local Wireless Networks

2002-05-15 Thread Venkatesh \(Venky\) Hariharan
I am with Media Lab Asia (www.medialabasia.org) and we are exploring the use of 802.11 technology for rural networks. However, we envisage these as small village telcos that will be set up by rural entrepreneurs. Decades of experience with Universal Service Obligation etc makes it clear that the

Re: [GKD] Analyzing the Harvard e-Readiness Guide

2002-05-15 Thread sandoval
I am in agreement with Cornelio Hopmann and Michel Menou about CID Readness Guide. I have a lot of criticisms but I add just one: The most fundamental things in future information society are Education and Healthcare. To have a well educated people and in good health is the main challenge. But