[GKD] New Book Highlights Priorities for WSIS

2003-09-29 Thread Karen Higgs
Dear GKD Members, I thought you would find this book of interest, given our past discussions about the role of international organisations in promoting access and effective use of ICTs to support development objectives. Best regards, Karen Higgs APC WSIS Coordinator Tel: +44 7712 553 582 Email:

Re: [GKD] Gender and ICT in Jamaica

2003-09-29 Thread Karin Delgadillo
Hi Yacine, Can you send the source of the information that you got regarding the use of women in telecentres?. As you know, [EMAIL PROTECTED] network www.tele-centros.org, is a community based telecentres network of Latin America and the Caribbe and we are looking for ways to work very closely

[GKD] Flaws in India's Model e-Governance Project

2003-09-29 Thread Frederick Noronha (FN)
Flaws in Bhoomi, India's model e-governance project By Keya Acharya Karnataka's Bhoomi project, which computerised 20 million rural land records, was designed as an instrument of equity. But is IT also reinforcing inequality, with men benefiting more than women and the rich benefiting more than