[GKD] RFI: Plans for Foot-Crank Generator (Laos)

2003-03-10 Thread Edmond Gaible
Jhai Foundation is in need of plans for the conversion of bicycles for electric power generation. We have tried using a bicycle with a simple roller generator and have found that method unsuitable. We need a design which include a flywheel and a generator capable of supplying 5 - 10 amperes of

[GKD] Using WiFi for Affordable Access

2003-03-10 Thread Alan Levy
Colleagues, There is no other technology that matches the rapidity and ease in which you can deploy 802.11g WiFi; the antenna is a single, small, enclosed panel-type device easily handled by an individual, that can be mounted to almost anything, and is virtually maintenance free. It takes

Re: [GKD] New Graph on ICTs in Africa

2003-03-10 Thread Vickram Crishna
This is just one more example of how things are structured AGAINST development (by which I mean equitable distribution of wealth and opportunity)... and anyone who raises a voice is labelled anarchic or some other convenient socio-eco-political pejorative. This graph refers to status quo in