Re: [GKD] Bringing Connectivity to Under-Served Communities

2003-12-08 Thread Camaran Pipes
1. What activities are endeavoring to bring connectivity to under-served communities? Equal Access is a nonprofit organization that helps underserved populations in Asia. We accomplish this by combining cutting edge technology like digital satellite broadcasting and solar energy, with

[GKD] CFP: Cultural Attitudes towards Technology and Communication

2003-12-08 Thread Michel J. Menou
Dear GKD Members, See in particular the 2 special topics that have been added to the earlier call. Michel *** CALL FOR PAPERS Fourth International Conference on CULTURAL ATTITUDES TOWARDS TECHNOLOGY AND COMMUNICATION (CATaC'04) 27 June-1 July 2004 Karlstad

[GKD] Software Licence Fees vs. GDP Per Capita

2003-12-08 Thread Sudhakar Chandra
I came across this interesting piece by a friend of mine: Abstract: There is a strong case for free software (also known as open source or libre software) being deployed widely in developing countries. As argued in this note, the open