Re: [GKD] Should Developed Countries Subsidize the Internet for LDCs?

2005-01-04 Thread Edmond Gaible
Dear Colleagues, A quick set of numbers about a specific situation with regard to VSAT connectivity: As of September 2004, secondary schools in Uganda were able to purchase new KU-band VSAT terminals for US $2800 from the Ugandan offices of AFSAT. Monthly connection costs under volume-based

Re: [GKD-DOTCOM] What Are the 'Right' Resources to Foster Professional Development?

2004-06-25 Thread Edmond Gaible
and their countries a gross disservice. An unnecessary disservice. This situation must be changed, and it can be changed -- in part because schools often provide the greatest access to computer and Internet access in a given community. Regards to all, Ed Gaible Edmond Gaible, Ph.D. The Natoma Group

Re: [GKD-DOTCOM] How Much Bandwidth is Necessary?

2003-11-14 Thread Edmond Gaible
to make the project highly scalable. Jiva's innovative, low-cost computing technology has just received the World Summit Award for eHealth for the World Summit on the Information Society. Regards to all, Edmond Gaible | This DOT-COM

[GKD] RFI: Plans for Foot-Crank Generator (Laos)

2003-03-10 Thread Edmond Gaible
that it will be advantageous to produce foot-crank generators within Laos. For more information about the Remote IT Village project, please see: and Many thanks, Ed Gaible Edmond Gaible, Ph.D

Re: [GKD] Linux Aid Server Project

2002-02-20 Thread Edmond Gaible
. Morrison or others offer guidance toward a project that will return greater benefits. Yes? Edmond Gaible ***GKD is solely supported by EDC, an NGO that is a GKP member*** To post a message, send it to: [EMAIL PROTECTED] To subscribe or unsubscribe, send a message to: [EMAIL

Re: [GKD] Linux Aid Server Project

2002-02-15 Thread Edmond Gaible
to create greater dependency on Microsoft's proprietary software and Internet services. Regards, Edmond Gaible Natoma 350 Townsend Street, ste 312 San Francisco CA 94107 +1.415.543.6643 / fax 863.6398 ***GKD is an initiative of the Global Knowledge Partnership