Re: [GKD] RFI: Who is Linking DE with BOP Strategies?

2005-08-12 Thread John Lawrence
at BOP levels worldwide... and bringing them on board, rather than bypassing them, seems to be the crux of implementing these kinds of reforms John Lawrence On 8/5/05, Jim Stodder [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello, I've been an occasional lurker on this List for years. I have a question

[GKD] Increasing the Value of Donor Aid

2005-03-30 Thread John Lawrence
Dear GKD Members, I've recently done some digging around Tom's point below concerning a lot of venting, some of it inconsistent at best, on 'boomerang' bilateral money invested in development (i.e., returning funds to the source). OXFAM has suggested that only about 20% of aid actually gets to

Re: [GKD] Nigeria: Silicon Valley Transplant

2005-01-04 Thread John Lawrence
through Expatriate Nationals (TOKTEN) Program (see for example the call to the Somalia Diaspora to engage in rebuilding that country) at John Lawrence UNDP consultant, and Adjunct Professor, SIPA Columbia University. On 12/30/04, David Sawe [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote

Re: [GKD-DOTCOM] Is Profitability Essential for Sustainability?

2004-11-24 Thread John Lawrence
investments in this process are argued for by drug companies as rationale for high prices, and relentless profit seeking In the social service arena, do we go out too readily with marketing 'products' (services) based on little except flawed 'best case' precedents... ? John Lawrence

Re: [GKD-DOTCOM] What Are the 'Right' Resources to Foster Professional Development?

2004-06-22 Thread John Lawrence
and exploratory members of those communities not to seek opportunity wherever they can find it...and as Femi suggests, culture will not inhibit this quasi-instinctual drive, but in fact will promote it. Kind regards, John Lawrence On June 18, 2004, Tom Abeles [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Sam

Re: [GKD-DOTCOM] How Much Bandwidth is Necessary?

2003-11-14 Thread John Lawrence
from Yemen where cellphones predominate, and coverage has been obtained over most of the country... so voice connections are now relatively normal even to remote rural districts...but Internet of course (notwithstanding the Arabic language issue) is largely confined just to cities... John Lawrence

Re: [GKD] Public Sociologies: A Timely Alert

2003-10-10 Thread John Lawrence
I completely agree with your observation that ICTs remain underdeveloped as the foundation for an entirely new approach .. but am not sure yet another meeting is needed! Somehow we have to deal with the remaining luddites in the policy arena, and mainstream ICTs into development thinking above

Re: [GKD] RFI: Email for Rural Africa

2003-01-03 Thread John Lawrence
as someone who has myself experienced extraordinary benefits of embryonic e-connectivity in southern Africa, may I wish you every encouragement and success. John Lawrence (former UNDP staff member) Alan [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Pamela McLean wrote: I am exploring email options on behalf

[GKD] Digital Information Is Vanishing

2002-07-12 Thread John Lawrence
The following appeared in UNWIRE: Is this e-info dying a natural death thru inattention, thus relieving clogged info-highways, or is this a serious issue of non-archiving of essential knowledge? TECHNOLOGY: Digital Information Is Vanishing,

Re: [GKD] Value of World Bank Website

2002-06-24 Thread John Lawrence
This seems a good candidate for a thoughtful case study, especially appropriate during the International Year of the Mountains. I am amazed that mountains symbolize essential communications sites for cell towers and other hardware, yet the people dwelling in those same mountains seldom seem able

Re: [GKD] Digital Divide vs. Social Divide.

2002-04-03 Thread John Lawrence
To Yacine: It is hard to disagree with your pithily expressed frustration, or sharp definition of the social schisms underlying the 'digital divide' (DD) however I would suggest there is some political utility in keeping these two words as a sort of quick shorthand.. if it can focus the

Re: [GKD] Integrating Western and Traditional Information Systems

2002-02-22 Thread John Lawrence
This gets at the heart of development efforts to match western infotechnologies and local social and cultural processes. Particularly interesting is the effort to understand the differences in perceptual organization, and therefore knowledge 'management' at the most fundamental levels. Can I ask,

Re: [GKD] Project Trains Women in Computer Skills (India)

2002-02-13 Thread John Lawrence
Mridula, thank you for this update on the INFODEV-supported SITA and MitraMandal, around which you raise crucial questions of job placement for project trainees. As I'm sure you know, the relationship between training and presumed 'jobs' that hypothetically await successful trainees has always

Re: [GKD] Acknowledging the Digital Divide

2002-01-07 Thread John Lawrence
I was going through Grand Central station in New York City just before Christmas, and while buying bagels in the new GC market, I struck up a brief post 9/11 commiseration with the person serving me ( a woman). She assured me confidently that 9/11 was a function of the huge global social divide

Re: [GKD] RFI: Cost of Bridging Digital Divide?

2001-12-05 Thread John Lawrence
To Nihil Desai... you raise interesting issues in your laconic treatment of the numbers. which connect to Remigio Achia's zinging criticism of expensive western consultants, in the following way not only do they (we) come in with expense accounts and a marked reluctance to venture forth

Re: [GKD] South Africa's Kwa-Dukuza Digital Village

2001-10-10 Thread John Lawrence
Thanks for pointing to the intriguing summary of the Digital Village effort. One quick question: the following quote: records of members are kept for those using the digital village. Members book in for half hour slots at a time and depending on how full the Centre is a member may re-book

Re: [GKD] Welcome Back to the GKD Discussion!

2001-09-12 Thread John Lawrence
I'm really glad to see the return of this forum... as an inaugural addict, I've been in withdrawal. Rather than suppose (or impose) a theme, my contribution is a quick question: the world's mountain regions contain some of the most remote, and poorest communities, often with profound natural

Re: [GKD] Why aren't more people online?

2001-07-12 Thread John Lawrence
Very useful analysis I would add illiteracy and language restrictions to this causal pattern, but doesn't this raise an important policy question concerning the digital divide? Since time can only exacerbate the gap between those who are already profiting (in various ways) from Internet

Re: [GKD] Re: Digital Divide: good and bad

2001-03-22 Thread John Lawrence
For an extraordinary visual 'take' on the global didgital divide, list participants might wish to look at the composite night picture of the globe taken from orbiting DMSP satellites, at: While admittedly a mixed sampling, it is one more window on

[GKD] Call for papers: A Digital Divide? Facts, Explanations, Policies

2001-03-12 Thread John Lawrence
For information. Subject: [DEOS-L] call for papers: Digital Divide From: Teri Harrison [EMAIL PROTECTED] CALL FOR PAPERS EJC/REC: Electronic Journal of Communication/ La Revue Electronique de Communication A

[GKD] Re: Overestimating the Digital Divide

2001-02-27 Thread John Lawrence
This is a good point. We found many occasions in our early UNDP experimentation with e-LISTS where southern access was through northern servers. This included ex-pat nationals who were studying/posted temporarily to northern countries, as well as those using northern dialup services from southern