[GKD] Uganda Bookmobile Visits Displaced Students

2004-05-27 Thread Richard Koman
Here is a recent report on the Uganda Digital Bookmobile's visit to Gulu town. For more information, contact me at [EMAIL PROTECTED] *** www.anywherebooks.org/gulureport.php Digital Bookmobile visits 'displaced schools' in Gulu By Charles

Re: [GKD] Update on Cisco LDC Initiative in Uganda

2004-04-23 Thread Richard Koman
Sudhakar Chandra wrote: Richard Koman wrote: Part of a country's information infrastructure is having the people to be able to deploy, manage, maintain, start businesses, etc. So the effect of graduating the Cisco center may not be immediate employment but it seems a necessary

Re: [GKD] Update on Cisco LDC Initiative in Uganda

2004-04-21 Thread Richard Koman
to do this for senior adult workers out looking for work because their job was outsourced. However, as a long-term strategy, it makes more sense--not only for people in the US, but also for people in developing countries. Richard Koman wrote: I find it rather short-sighted to say that job

Re: [GKD-DOTCOM] How Much Bandwidth is Necessary?

2003-11-17 Thread Richard Koman
by societal leaders - I'm not advocating that, just the use of humans as technical conduits to information for the benefit of massively nontechnical populations. - Richard Koman Program Director Anwhere Books www.anywherebooks.org Herman Wasserman wrote: Cliff, this is a very interesting line