Re: [GKD-DOTCOM] Is Profitability Essential for Sustainability?

2004-11-26 Thread Shahid Uddin Akbar
viability. These projects are aimed towards EMPOWERMENT of rural communities which can not be done through a commercial venture. So, can we put the idea aside to make all rural ICT for Development projects commercially viable? Best, Shahid Uddin Akbar ICT Consultant SwissContact / KATALYST

[GKD] Implementing WSIS Action Plan

2004-03-25 Thread Shahid Uddin Akbar
are also most welcome towards implementation of the WSIS Action Plan. Best regards, Md Shahid Uddin Akbar Coordinator ICTDP'B (ICT for Development Program, Bangladesh) Room No. 107-108, Baitus Sharf Complex, 149/A Airport Road, Tejgaon Dhaka 1215 BANGLADESH Tel : 880 18 243935

[GKD] Alternate Connectivity Solution for Bangladesh

2002-11-21 Thread Shahid Uddin Akbar
and involved huge investment, govt. and development partners should come forward and support the Alternate Connectivity approach as a uplifting solution for the developing countries like Bangladesh. Please comment and join. Best regards, Shahid Uddin Akbar Coordinator ICTDP'B Bangladesh Email