Re: [GKD-DOTCOM] Local Governments Should Adopt a Business Model

2005-05-25 Thread Udit Chaudhuri
to record, reckon and report, and hence to analyse, plan, control and staff each resource transaction. Such a system can further standardise a set of off-line data entry documents like vouchers or journals for efficient accounting. Regards, Udit Chaudhuri On Mon, May 23, 2005, Peter Burgess wrote

Re: [GKD] The $100 Computer: A Polite Scam

2005-02-19 Thread udit chaudhuri
of customers in the lurch. As the old adage goes, feeding a hungry person with a fish relieves hunger for few hours; teaching the person to fish relieves hunger forever. regards udit chaudhuri ***GKD is solely supported by EDC, a Non-Profit Organization

Re: [GKD-DOTCOM] What's on the Horizon?

2003-11-26 Thread Udit Chaudhuri and the URL below this message. Udit Chaudhuri MAXIMISE YOUR MILLIWATT Guido Sohne [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: 1. What new high impact technologies are on the 3-year horizon? Who (exactly) needs to do what (concretely) to make those technologies widely

Re: [GKD] Flaws in India's Model e-Governance Project

2003-10-01 Thread Udit Chaudhuri
. One expected that with the integration of cheap and powerful hand-helds like the Simputer and slew of Linux boxes, this dissemination would receive a shot in the arm, but we seem to have hit a speed-breaker here too. Udit Chaudhuri - Independent Technical Writer

Re: [GKD] RFI: Computer Donations To The Third World

2003-06-26 Thread Udit Chaudhuri
-loads, so that the associated costs and overheads can be spread over the large number. Udit Chaudhuri Raju Dev Acharya [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I totally agree with Guido Sohne. In Nepal I can buy a new PIII for US$300. Also importing PC for distribution into the country takes a lot of time

Re: [GKD] ICT Policy Shift Necessary To Bridge Digital Divide

2003-04-12 Thread Udit Chaudhuri
more potential beneficiaries in discussions like this. Udit Chaudhuri Ivo Njosa [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I have not been a member of this group for long but I have a deep appreciation as an African for those who are really trying to bridge the digital divide. I would not want to discourage. All

[GKD] Improving ICT Infrastructure in Dev. Countries

2003-02-01 Thread Udit Chaudhuri
on the product range (35KB) and its underlying concept (115KB) are available on request. For enquiries: The microPower Initiative c/o Udit Chaudhuri Unika Enterprises e-mail:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Tel - Fax: +91-22-26045595 Regards, Udit Chaudhuri ***GKD is solely supported by EDC

[GKD] Improved Solar Cooker Now Available

2002-07-29 Thread Udit Chaudhuri
, Mumbai or me for any further information or assistance. Regards Udit Chaudhuri IDC SOLAR RICE COOKER Salient Features 1. Single dish design, suited to direct cooking, adapted to most tropical cuisines. 2. Cooks for 4 persons at a time. 3

Re: [GKD] Acknowledging the Digital Divide

2002-01-30 Thread Udit Chaudhuri
and educational material related to the Simputer. Regards Udit Chaudhuri ***GKD is an initiative of the Global Knowledge Partnership*** To post a message, send it to: [EMAIL PROTECTED] To subscribe or unsubscribe, send a message to: [EMAIL PROTECTED]. In the 1st line of the message type

[GKD] Information Village Project (India)

2001-11-29 Thread Udit Chaudhuri
drew from the Drumbeat page at the Communication Initiative site: Best regards, Udit Chaudhuri -- Information Village Project - India Summary The Information Village Project, of the M S Swaminathan