Re: [GKD-DOTCOM] What's on the Horizon?

2003-11-24 Thread William Lester
If we were to ask What SHOULD be on the horizon?, then I would answer: IMHO, the number one thing that would help Africa catch up to the technology revolution would be the elimination of the telecom monopolies. Whether by allowing competition from both internal and external vendors, privatization

Re: [GKD-DOTCOM] Improving Access Via Mobile Telephony

2003-11-17 Thread William Lester
Congratulations! Fola Odufuwa has got it exactly right, IMHO. As we look for what was referred to in some previous posts as 'narrowband' solutions, the evolution of the mobile phone from a simple audio communication device to an internet gateway may prove to be the answer. While we won't get the

[GKD] Riders Roundup 2002: IT for Non-Profits

2002-01-21 Thread William Lester
Dear Colleagues, If you are... - an IT consultant with nonprofit clients - an IT professional who is on staff at a nonprofit organization - a member of the Nonprofit Open Source movement - a member of the Community Technology Center movement - a member of the Circuit Rider movement - a

Re: [GKD] Computer Shipping and Transport Costs

2001-06-06 Thread William Lester
re: ... identifying a trusted party at that end. There are local non-profit organizations that provide technology assistance and support to other non-profit organizations. They are based on the circuit rider model popular in the US, where technicians travel from site to site with their bag of