Re: [GKD-DOTCOM] How Much Bandwidth is Necessary?

2003-11-24 Thread Yacine Khelladi
Simon Woodside wrote: I would say rather that the different technologies that are available are so different and so randomly effective it's impossible to say that either low-bandwidth or high-bandwidth is better. Maybe it is because we are thinking upside down? We should not first look at the

Re: [GKD] RFI: Pico Hydro Power and ICT Deployments

2003-10-15 Thread Yacine Khelladi
You can check El Limon in the Dominican Republic Community owned, managed, micro-hydro produces electricity and it was the base project that introduced computers and internet link - not a major funded project - more grassroots

[GKD] Gender and ICT in Jamaica

2003-09-20 Thread Yacine Khelladi
Hello from Jamaica, were I'm participating in the design of an ICT community program Strangely here the problem is the opposite. In rural areas 70% of the cybercafes/telecenter users are women, in capital town it is around 50%, but those who do apply for training are 75% women. It's general in