Re: [GKD] The Great African Internet Robbery

2002-08-08 Thread philipp
think local solutions would solve the substantial part of this problem and would do so in more sustainable manner, than pointing the finger at evil western telcos and governments. Thanks, Philipp Schmidt Cape Town, SA [Appendix: Direct answers to some of the replies] From: Steve Little [EMAIL

[GKD] Indian ISPs Seek to Block US Megasites

2002-08-01 Thread philipp
This should be interesting for those, looking to more evenly divide the costs of international connectivity. From Pay up, or you're blocked: Indian ISPs tell US megasites America's biggest content providers could face a toll to enter India cyberspace, if plans mooted by the

Re: [GKD] Analyzing the Harvard e-Readiness Guide

2002-05-20 Thread philipp
done for developing countries. Thanks in advance, Philipp Schmidt ***GKD is solely supported by EDC, an NGO that is a GKP member*** To post a message, send it to: [EMAIL PROTECTED] To subscribe or unsubscribe, send a message to: [EMAIL PROTECTED]. In the 1st line of the message type