Re: [GKD] Flaws in India's Model e-Governance Project

2003-10-01 Thread Udit Chaudhuri
It is high time to find a technology that will end this holy cow computerisation, so typical of India. I don't know if this attitude holds in other 3rd world countries too. The same thing happenned in several organisations including banks and commercial firms throughout the 70s to the 90s, that

[GKD] Flaws in India's Model e-Governance Project

2003-09-29 Thread Frederick Noronha (FN)
Flaws in Bhoomi, India's model e-governance project By Keya Acharya Karnataka's Bhoomi project, which computerised 20 million rural land records, was designed as an instrument of equity. But is IT also reinforcing inequality, with men benefiting more than women and the rich benefiting more than