Re: [GKD] Analyzing the Harvard e-Readiness Guide

2002-05-21 Thread Nancy Hafkin
The infoDev web site has a four page list of e-readiness sites, guides to doing same and methodologies. It's the best place to look for a better model. Nancy Hafkin Philipp Schmidt wrote: Many people seem to have valid criticism for the

Re: [GKD] Analyzing the Harvard e-Readiness Guide

2002-05-21 Thread clupan
Dear GKD members, I would like to join this interesting discussion on e-readiness, especially since the Development Gateway was mentioned in the first message from Mr. Hopmann, dated May 6, regarding the Harvard e-Readiness Guide. My name is Calin Lupan and I am on the Development Gateway team,

[GKD] Africa ICT Maps and NICI Graph

2002-05-21 Thread Assefa Bahta
Dear GKD members, The Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) has developed various ICT maps based on data collected from different sources. Currently maps on the status of National Information and Communication Infrastructure (NICI) strategies, Africa's Internet and teledensity, the number of ISPs

Re: [GKD] Non-profit Local Wireless Networks

2002-05-21 Thread Imran Rasheed
Dear GKD Members, LEARN Foundation is implementing a Wireless Broadband project connecting 7 rural ecosystems in the north eastern part of Bangladesh in the districts of Sylhet and Sunamganj. The technology uses Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) between the Base Unit (BU) -in Sylhet town-