Re: [GKD-DOTCOM] What's on the Horizon?

2003-11-25 Thread Satish Jha
Dear GKD Members: It is interesting to note the emphasis on policy. I for one, based on my education and experience base have come to believe that the Governments must not make technology choices and it should be best left to the forces that are well experienced in using it to the purposes they

Re: [GKD-DOTCOM] The Importance of Speech

2003-11-25 Thread Don Osborn
Some interesting thoughts here. A couple of months ago the NY Times had a feature on voice e-mail (v-mail) entitled The Talking E-Mail Blues. Search their site or read part of it at with add'l comment re

Re: [GKD-DOTCOM] Improving Access Via Mobile Telephony

2003-11-25 Thread Cressman, Gordon M.
Concerning Al Hammond's remarks below, we all know that GSM cellular networks and prepaid cards have resulted in affordable voice communications for communities without adequate wired services. It is true these networks can also be used for low-speed data transmission. I have used existing

Re: [GKD-DOTCOM] Improving Access Via Mobile Telephony

2003-11-25 Thread Holly Ladd
On the topic of using GSM networks for more than voice, our project in Uganda is now underway. This is a pilot combining the GSM service with handheld computers and an access point that will allow us to create a store and forward data network for health workers. For more information see

Re: [GKD-DOTCOM] Improving Access Via Mobile Telephony

2003-11-25 Thread S Woodside
The regulatory environment is very poor for Wi-Fi in developing countries. Please refer to the growing list of countries and their regulations here: (choose ByCountry) The reality on the ground is that MOST developing countries do NOT have the proper

[GKD-DOTCOM] The Role of the Private Sector

2003-11-25 Thread Global Knowledge Dev. Moderator
Many GKD members have argued that the for-profit private sector must play a key role in expanding access to underserved communities. The notion is appealing. The 2003 UNCTAD E-commerce and Development Report states that in 2002, 32% of the world's Internet users were in developing countries, and