[GKD] UNDP-APDIP Releases Country Reports on Internet Governance

2005-10-06 Thread Christine Apikul
UNDP-APDIP Releases China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan and Thailand Country Reports on Internet Governance http://www.apdip.net/news/ordigcountryreports APDIP's Open Regional Dialogue on Internet Governance initiative zooms in on the Internet governance issues, priorities and challenges faced by

Re: [GKD] A Hundred-Dollar Laptop for Hungry Minds

2005-10-06 Thread Grady
It seems this is a repeat of the debate on the inexpensive Simputer in India of a while back. I vaguely recall that many argued that no one wanted a stripped down version that could not run the latest programs and it was doing a disservice by not being able to learn marketable programming skills.