[GKD] The Simputer... from India

2001-04-24 Thread Frederick Noronha
THE SIMPUTER, A SIMPLE SOLUTION TO TAKE COMPUTING TO THE MASSES FROM INDIA by Frederick Noronha, BANGALORE, March 8: If this works as planned, the Simputer could go a long way in taking computing within the reach of the reach of the commonman... not just in India but across the Third World

[GKD] Water management software (India)

2001-05-28 Thread Frederick Noronha
systems. FREDERICK NORONHA [EMAIL PROTECTED] recently interviewed Vikram Vyas of The Ajit Foundation, who created the software. Excerpts from the interview: * QUESTION: What has been the response to the software so far

[GKD] Technological Innovation in Rural India

2001-07-02 Thread Frederick Noronha
THOUSANDS OF IDEAS BLOOM FROM THE MIDST OF IGNORED, RURAL INDIA From Frederick Noronha [EMAIL PROTECTED] IN A COUNTRY of over a thousand million, there surely must be tens of thousands of bright minds churning out innovative ideas by the dozen. This is just the case, as is clear from the first

[GKD] Congested cities? Computer code comes to the rescue

2001-07-06 Thread Frederick Noronha
Congested cities? Computer code comes to the rescue... by Frederick Noronha, Indo-Asian News Service PANAJI (Goa), July 4 -- Can computer code make your ride less smoother as you traverse the congested roads of urban India? Goa-based Anupam Saraph is currently working on a tool he hopes would

[GKD]: India's Bank of Ideas

2001-07-09 Thread Frederick Noronha
Thanks to Irfan Khan for drawing this to our attention... FN From [EMAIL PROTECTED] Fri Jul 6 01:40:49 2001 [Sristi's website address: http://www.sristi.org/ ] 13 May, 2001 India's bank of ideas By Peter Day in Ahmedabad ... I go to Ahmedabad to have lunch with a tableful of some of

[GKD] Bytes For All - July 2001

2001-07-13 Thread Frederick Noronha
For aLL e-zine volunteers team includes: Frederick Noronha in Goa, Partha Sarkar in Dhaka, Zunaira Durrani in Karachi, Zubair Abbasi in Islamabad, Archana Nagvenkar in Goa, Arun-Kumar Tripathi in Darmstatd, Shivkumar in Mumbai, Sangeeta Pandey in Nepal, Daryl Martyis in Chicago, Gihan Fernando in Sri

[GKD] In a software 'super-power', rural kids lack the code to learn

2001-07-17 Thread Frederick Noronha
IN A SOFTWARE 'SUPER-POWER', RURAL KIDS LACK THE CODE TO LEARN... By Frederick Noronha WHY IS it easier for Indian school students to use the computer to study the geography of the United States, rather than know the states of their own country better? What is the fate of students in non

[GKD] Does the computer have a heart... (case studies from India)

2001-07-20 Thread Frederick Noronha
DOES THE COMPUTER HAVE A HEART? Programs that put people and development before profits... By Frederick Noronha Here comes the big surprise: IT and computers are showing their other face. No longer are these potent forces merely tools for profit, but in varying experiments across India they're

[GKD] Community Radio and South Asia

2001-07-24 Thread Frederick Noronha
COMMUNITY RADIO HAS THE POWER... BUT IS SOUTH ASIA TUNED IN? By Frederick Noronha Nepal has moved far ahead of its other South Asian neighbours in its attempts to open-up its air-waves, and Sri Lanka has the longest history of promoting 'community radio' initiatives. So what's the fate

[GKD] BytesForAll completes two years

2001-07-25 Thread Frederick Noronha
by volunteers of diverse backgrounds and nationalities, yet without spending anything, and based entirely on the support of committed contributors. Apart from the co-founders, Partha Pratim Sarker (Bangladesh) and Frederick Noronha (India), current contributors to this initiative are, Zunaira

[GKD] From software to microcomputers - new tools for teaching

2001-07-26 Thread Frederick Noronha
FROM SOFTWARE TO MICROCOMPUTERS... FINDING NEW TOOLS FOR TEACHING By Frederick Noronha [EMAIL PROTECTED] INNOVATION is helping educators from across the globe to try out new solutions to old problems. ICTs (information and communication technologies) are helping to make classrooms more

[GKD] Does the computer have a heart?

2001-07-31 Thread Frederick Noronha
DOES THE COMPUTER HAVE A HEART? Programs that put people and development before profits... By Frederick Noronha [EMAIL PROTECTED] Here comes the big surprise: IT and computers are showing their other face. No longer are these potent forces merely tools for profit, but in varying experiments

[GKD] Indian Company Develops Cheap Technology for Communication

2001-09-10 Thread Frederick Noronha
N-LOGUE DEVELOPS CHEAP TECHNOLOGY FOR COMMUNICATION BANGALORE (UNI): A technology company incubated by the Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai, has come out with a cheap Internet and telecom network which could revolutionise communication penetration in rural areas. Based on the Cordect

[GKD]: UN's first 'country pilot' for Health InterNetwork (India)

2001-10-02 Thread Frederick Noronha
India home to UN's first 'country pilot' for Health InterNetwork by Frederick Noronha CHENNAI, Sept 26 -- India is being built up as the first 'country pilot' for an ambitious United Nations-led international project, seeking to strengthen public health services by making use of the powerful

[GKD] Making Access Affordable (India)

2001-10-03 Thread Frederick Noronha
INTERNET FOR ALL: INDIAN VILLAGERS TO GET ACCESS AT PRICES THEY CAN AFFORD By Frederick Noronha [EMAIL PROTECTED] India's hundreds of millions of rural dwellers are given a cold-shoulder by businessmen, and lack the access to goods, services and information they so badly require. From Chennai

[GKD]: Kerala To Protect Tribal Intellectual Property Rights

2001-10-04 Thread Frederick Noronha
Kerala to protect tribal intellectual property rights by Liz Mathew, Indo Asian News Service New Delhi, Sep 22 (IANS) The Kerala government has decided to introduce legislation to protect the intellectual property rights of its tribespeople who have been practising traditional nature-based

[GKD]: Centuries-old Poetry Gets A Leg-up From IT

2001-10-15 Thread Frederick Noronha
GHAZALS ONLINE: CENTURIES-OLD POETRY GETS A LEG-UP FROM I.T. by Frederick Noronha MUMBAI, Aug 23: Modern-day powers of IT is teaming up with the age-old charm of the 'ghazal' to breathe new life and interest in these captivating poems set to music, that are widely popular in the South Asian

[GKD] An Indian Language Enters the Cyberage

2001-12-17 Thread Frederick Noronha
** FROM KANNADA TO KEYBOARDS: AN INDIAN LANGUAGE ENTERS THE CYBERAGE ** By Frederick Noronha [EMAIL PROTECTED] For Dr U.B. Pavanaja, an unlucky 1993 scooter

[GKD] Directory of Rural Technologies

2002-01-04 Thread Frederick Noronha
TECHNOLOGY FOR THE RURAL MILLIONS... IF ONLY IT CAN GET TO THEM By Frederick Noronha This is a story of the ingenuity of the common man and woman. From across the fields and villages of the India, and scientific labs, a whole range of technologies have emerged to make rural life a little less

[GKD] Linux to Debut in Goa Classrooms (India)

2002-01-14 Thread Frederick Noronha
THE PENGUIN GOES TO SCHOOL: LINUX TO DEBUT IN GOA CLASSROOMS By Frederick Noronha GOA, India. Jan 10 -- After struggling for years to get access to non-pirated software to run their computer labs, schools in the western coastal state of Goa have hit a bonanza that seems too good to be true

[GKD] Donated Computers to be Distributed in Goa (India)

2002-03-01 Thread Frederick Noronha
-used computer hardware to the Third World is the best way of doing the job. One could have mixed feelings about this. But, in the bargain, it seems to have planted a crucial idea: that the computer can, and is, well within reach. Not just for those who have the money for it. -- Frederick Noronha

[GKD] Query on Simputer (India)

2002-03-08 Thread Frederick Noronha
: Please visit the http://linuxinindia.pitas.com site below... -- Frederick Noronha * Freelance Journalist * Goa * India 832.409490 / 409783 BYTESFORALL www.bytesforall.org * GNU-LINUX http://linuxinindia.pitas.com Email [EMAIL PROTECTED] * SMS [EMAIL PROTECTED] * Saligao Goa India Writing

[GKD] Free Software Movement Grows in India

2002-03-19 Thread Frederick Noronha
http://www.zdnetindia.com/news/national/stories/52264.html?slink=nsl Free software Guru -- Richard Stallman -- on India mission Bangalore, India March 14, 2002 While the concept of using free software for back-end requirements is catching on, the desktop is yet to be liberated from the hold

[GKD] BYTESFORALL: South Asian ICT Newsletter

2002-03-26 Thread Frederick Noronha
volunteers team includes: Frederick Noronha in Goa, Partha Sarkar in Dhaka, Zunaira Durrani in Karachi, Zubair Abbasi in Islamabad, Archana Nagvenkar in Goa, Arun-Kumar Tripathi in Darmstatd, Shivkumar in Mumbai, Sangeeta Pandey in Nepal, Daryl Martyis in Chicago, Gihan Fernando in Sri Lanka, Rajkumar Buyya

[GKD] Pakistan's Virtual University

2002-04-01 Thread Frederick Noronha
OF UNIVERSITIES... REAL AND VIRTUAL Pakistan places its hopes for speeding up IT education in a new 'Virtual University'. Advisor to Islamabad's Ministry of Science and Technology Salman Ansari, who met Frederick Noronha [EMAIL PROTECTED] at a UNDP/Asia-Pacific Development Information Programme

[GKD] Simputer Team Wins Award for IT Innovation

2002-04-15 Thread Frederick Noronha
Simputer project bags Dewang Mehta award for innovation in IT from Indo-Asian News Service New Delhi, Apr 12 (IANS) The team that developed the Simputer, a hand-held device aimed at taking the Internet to the rural masses in India, has been conferred the first Dewang Mehta award for innovation

[GKD] Cisco Establishes 'Networking Academies' in India

2002-04-19 Thread Frederick Noronha
Cisco for faster roll-out of networking academies in India By Frederick Noronha A networked world would be a far happier place for the student. So believes global networking giant Cisco Systems, as it pushes on with the ambitious roll out its 'networking academies' which it hopes could make

Re: [GKD] Open-Source Software for Development

2002-04-22 Thread Frederick Noronha
IT magazines)... all done without a single rupee or taka or dollar spent, but through volunteer work. A lot is possible... if only there's an open mind. FN -- Frederick Noronha * Freelance Journalist * Goa * India 832.409490 / 409783 BYTESFORALL www.bytesforall.org * GNU-LINUX http

[GKD] Free/Open-Source Software for Engineering Students (India)

2002-05-15 Thread Frederick Noronha
THE PENGUIN AS ENGINEER: TAKING GNU/LINUX TO THE PORTALS OF HIGHER EDUCATION By Frederick Noronha IT MAY BE taking its time to get done, but this is one simple idea that could have a wide-ranging impact for thousand of young engineers-in-the-making across India. Put briefly, the idea is simply

[GKD] Simputer's Commercial Rollout Pushed to July

2002-05-23 Thread Frederick Noronha
Simputer's commercial rollout pushed to July By Imran Qureshi, Indo-Asian News Service Bangalore, May 22 (IANS) The commercial rollout of India's most promising IT product, the common man's low-cost PC called simputer, is now expected in the second week of July. The simputer was originally

[GKD] Website to Help Farmers Bargain Better (India)

2002-06-03 Thread Frederick Noronha
Thanks to Ashish Kotamkar for sending this across from Pune. FN -- Forwarded message -- From: Ashish Kotamkar [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject:Website to help farmers bargain better Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 12:11:24 +0530

[GKD] Microfinance to Get the IT Edge (India)

2002-07-02 Thread Frederick Noronha
MIRROR, MIRROR... WHAT'S THE SUM I OWE YOU TODAY? By Frederick Noronha He's a young researcher still in his twenties of Indian origin. Parikh has been spending time in India even as we start seeing signs of a reverse brain-drain with skills and talent showing up from among expatriates keen

[GKD] On-line Learning in India

2002-07-08 Thread Frederick Noronha
at NCST, explains to journalist Frederick Noronha [EMAIL PROTECTED] of BytesForAll.org, some of the issues and plans that could flow out of this meet. Excerpts: - How many participants are expected for this meet

[GKD] Simputer Handheld Expands Its Options

2002-07-23 Thread Frederick Noronha
From the website of PC World (US edition) ___ Simputer Handheld Expands Its Options Linux-based device, designed to tackle the digital divide, soon will be available in higher-end configurations. John Ribeiro, IDG News Service Friday, July 19, 2002 BANGALORE, INDIA -- Sales of the

[GKD] India Learns from South Africa (Community Radio)

2002-07-24 Thread Frederick Noronha
INDIA LEARNS FROM SOUTH AFRICA'S EXPERIMENT WITH COMMUNITY RADIO By Frederick Noronha fred at bytesforall dot org UDUPI, South India: This country which prides itself as the 'second largest democracy in the world' is learning a lesson or two on deploying radio from the young nation of South

[GKD] Digital Partners' Social Enterprise Laboratory

2002-07-31 Thread Frederick Noronha
Digital Partners' Social Enterprise Laboratory (SEL) Call for Applications Please forward the following opportunity to anyone that you think may be interested in applying or any appropriate listserves you may be aware of. We have attached a copy of the announcement as well. Digital Partners, a

[GKD] Using TV to Improve Literacy (India)

2002-08-08 Thread Frederick Noronha
Independence from Illiteracy through TV: Putting an old ICT to new ends On the eve on India's Independence Day, 2002, an experiment is being launched by Doordarshan and the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad to contribute to making every Indian independently literate. This most ambitious

[GKD] Educational Radio in India

2002-10-15 Thread Frederick Noronha
Educational radio opening up in India... but only slowly From Frederick Noronha Indian universities and deemed-universities have come up with proposals to launch 'educational radio' stations from their campus. But the current government policy is to allow only India's national open university

[GKD] African Civil Society Building an Inclusive Information Society

2002-11-15 Thread Frederick Noronha
PRESS RELEASE 13 November 2002 Viva African Civil Society Building an Inclusive Information Society! Viva! JOHANNESBURG - These were the words that began one of the most vibrant and challenging discussions about civil society's engagement in ICT policy-making in Africa to date. Organised by

Re: [GKD] World Computer Exchange Article

2002-12-04 Thread Frederick Noronha
Well, I received half a dozen copies of Tim Anderson's posting on the World Computer Exchange. [***Moderator's Note: Due to a server problem, multiple copies of this message were posted to the List. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.***] I have nothing against Timothy in

[GKD] IIT Bombay Develops New Multilingual Search Engine

2002-12-07 Thread Frederick Noronha
from deccan herald/ Nov 27 Breaking the language barrier in IT: IIT Bombay develop new multilingual search engine From Devika Sequeira vicki at goatelecom dot com DH News Service PANAJI, Nov 26 Move over Google. A team of researchers from the Indian Insititute of Technology Bombay, says it

[GKD] BytesForAll: SE Asian ICT for Dev. Journal

2002-12-10 Thread Frederick Noronha
-- ###BytesForAll Ezine Nov2002## -- Bharateeya-OpenOffice - Should Indian languages be left behind in the world of computing? No,

[GKD] The OpenCD: Free/Libre and Open Source Software for Windows

2002-12-11 Thread Frederick Noronha
GKD members may be interested in the following project to promote Open Source Software. -- Forwarded message -- From [EMAIL PROTECTED] Wed Dec 11 22:40:25 2002 Hello, My name is Henrik Nilsen Omma, and I am one of the project leaders of a new Open Source Project called

[GKD] Free Linux for Education CD Available (India)

2002-12-26 Thread Frederick Noronha
Thanks to Ajith Kumar of Delhi for sharing his work so generously, not just in India, but also elsewhere in the globe. We need such solutions! FN On Fri, 20 Dec 2002, Ajith Kumar wrote: Hello, I am happy to inform you that the GNU Linux Utilities for Education CD is now hosted at

[GKD] Online Publishing for Developing Countries

2002-12-31 Thread Frederick Noronha
Thanks to Daryl D'Monte, former editor, for sending this to the India-EJ mailing list for environmental journalists. Of course, one is not particularly enamoured by the term 'developing countries' (it suggests that these countries are actually catching up... the gap is widening and things get

[GKD] E-learning for Rural Teachers

2003-01-30 Thread Frederick Noronha
with localisations in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Chinese, Japanese and German. (ENDS) -- Frederick Noronha Freelance Journalist Goa India 0091.832.2409490/2409783 http://www.bytesforall.org Writing with a difference ... on what makes *the* difference ***GKD is solely supported

[GKD] Need URLs of Useful Free Software to Download

2003-02-07 Thread Frederick Noronha
into what it really should be -- an effective mechanism for the transfer of knowledge to the Third World! Your help is needed... FN -- Frederick Noronha: http://www.bytesforall.org : When we speak of free Freelance Journalist : Goa India 403511 : software we refer to Ph 0091.832.409490

[GKD] Making Computers, Software, Bandwidth Affordable (India)

2003-02-21 Thread Frederick Noronha
Low cost computers, affordable software, bandwidth = India 3.0? By Frederick Noronha Rajesh Jain hit the headlines when he sold his IndiaWorld site for a few thousand million rupees. Today, his focus has shifted -- to taking computing to the commonman. Most technology has been priced in dollars

[GKD] Community Radio Fights for Widows' Rights (Nepal)

2003-02-25 Thread Frederick Noronha
Radio broadcasters raise voices for a better world By Sudeshna Sarkar, Indo-Asian News Service Kathmandu, Feb 20 (IANS) When her husband died in an accident Amala Pradhan's in-laws made sure that her life ended as well by dictating what she could wear or eat and where she could go. There are

[GKD] Opening Up of Educational Radio in India

2003-03-04 Thread Frederick Noronha
indeed. Maybe even a training session could be thought off for a start, open to all interested in applying for an educational broadcast license. -- Frederick Noronha: http://www.bytesforall.org : When we speak of free Freelance Journalist : Goa India 403511 : software we refer to Ph

[GKD] Free Software's Importance to India

2003-03-31 Thread Frederick Noronha
WHY INDIA LOOKS TO GNU/LINUX WITH HOPE AND ANTICIPATION By Venkatesh (Venky) Hariharan venky1 at vsnl dot com www.indlinux.org Today, I am going to talk about why GNU/Linux is god's gift to India. To my mind, GNU/Linux represents one of the finest opportunities for taking the benefits of

[GKD] BytesForAll - South Asian IT for Dev. Newsletter

2003-04-02 Thread Frederick Noronha
volunteers team includes: Frederick Noronha in Goa, Partha Sarkar in Dhaka, Zunaira Durrani in Karachi, Zubair Abbasi in Islamabad, Archana Nagvenkar in Goa, Arun-Kumar Tripathi in Darmstatd, Shivkumar in Mumbai, Sangeeta Pandey in Nepal, Rajkumar Buyya in Melbourne, Mahrukh Mohiuddin in Dhaka and Deepa Rai

[GKD] The $100 Computer is Key to India's Technology Fortunes

2005-07-18 Thread Frederick Noronha
GKD members may be interested in the following article detailing recent progress towards the design of a $100 computer in India. -FN ** http://news.com.com/Indias+renaissance+The+100+computer/2009-1041_3-575205 4.html India's Tech Renaissance

[GKD] Can ICT Be India's Growth Engine?

2003-03-22 Thread Frederick Noronha (FN)
http://www.business-standard.com/archives/2003/mar/50120303.075.asp Value For Money : Subir Roy Can ICT be India's growth engine? Business Standard, March 12, 2003 ICT has already started improving infrastructure and there is enormous potential for future development Can information and

[GKD] Taking Communities Online (India)

2003-04-03 Thread Frederick Noronha (FN)
Taking communities online... Bangalore offers cyber tools to manage knowledge By Frederick Noronha Everybody on the Net seems to be focussing on technology and tools to get their job done, but an Indian-incubated initiative is focussing on how people can make the real difference in tapping

[GKD] BytesForAll Clippings

2003-06-05 Thread Frederick Noronha (FN)
recently been legalised by the government, said the report. It's hard to sift the claims from the reality sometimes... http://infochangeindia.org/ItanddItop.jsp?section_idv=9#2168 -- - Frederick Noronha (FN)| http

[GKD] Computers to Africa Scheme Criticised

2003-06-09 Thread Frederick Noronha (FN)
IT MIGHT HELP if we had to look at what made computers obsolete so speedily, rather than just concentrating on shifting the older computers from the First to the Third World. I think bloatware-producing proprietorial software companies are part of the problem, not part of the solution. Free

[GKD] Is Linux Really Happening in India, or Is ItJust Hype?

2003-06-13 Thread Frederick Noronha (FN)
Is Linux really happening in India, or is it just hype? SOBHA MENON TIMES NEWS NETWORK SUNDAY, JUNE 01, 2003 http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/cms.dll/html/uncomp/articleshow?msid=383 It's being billed as the solution that will deliver the masses from computer illiteracy. And so it was

[GKD] Public Interest Ligitation Wants Gov't toUse Linux (India)

2003-06-19 Thread Frederick Noronha (FN)
wrongdoing, Microsoft expressed tacit support for SCO by licensing its Unix technology. -- - Frederick Noronha (FN)| http://www.fredericknoronha.net Freelance Journalist | http://www.bytesforall.org http

[GKD] Patent Vote Fails Europe's Software Programmers

2003-06-21 Thread Frederick Noronha (FN)
The Greens in the European Parliament Tel: (Bxl) +32 2 2844683 phone: 0032 475 671 340 fax: 0032 2 2844944 mobile phone: 0032-475-67 13 40 [EMAIL PROTECTED] THE GREENS/EFA in the European Parliament -- - Frederick Noronha (FN

[GKD] i4d ezine - Can ICTs Change Rural Lives?

2003-06-28 Thread Frederick Noronha (FN)
in the region. Frederick Noronha, the cofounder of the initiative, shares his experiences about the project. What's on Events, conferences and exhibitions related to the field. Etcetera ...putting legal software on a million odd Indian computers will result in the total value of software imports far

[GKD] BytesForAll--South Asian IT for Dev. Newsletter

2003-07-29 Thread Frederick Noronha (FN)
. CopyLeft, 2003. bYtES For aLL e-zine volunteers team includes: Frederick Noronha in Goa, Partha Sarkar in Dhaka, Zunaira Durrani in Karachi, Zubair Abbasi in Islamabad, Archana Nagvenkar in Goa, Arun-Kumar Tripathi in Darmstatd, Shivkumar in Mumbai, Sangeeta Pandey in Nepal, Rajkumar Buyya

[GKD] Results of a Survey of Computers in a School in Goa, India

2003-07-30 Thread Frederick Noronha (FN)
URL: http://gscp.org/components/survey3.htm Results of survey conducted at Vasant Vidyalaya HS Respondents Profile 30 students 9 males, 21 females from grade 9 9 were 16-18 year range, 21 were 13-15 years range Background - Vasant Vidyalaya is a secondary school with a total enrollment of

[GKD] Flaws in India's Model e-Governance Project

2003-09-29 Thread Frederick Noronha (FN)
Flaws in Bhoomi, India's model e-governance project By Keya Acharya Karnataka's Bhoomi project, which computerised 20 million rural land records, was designed as an instrument of equity. But is IT also reinforcing inequality, with men benefiting more than women and the rich benefiting more than

[GKD] Information Societies and the Gender Divide (India)

2003-10-21 Thread Frederick Noronha (FN)
Building Information Societies: Grappling with Gendered fault-lines Reshmi Sarkar, IT for Change, Bangalore Information technology (IT) is viewed as a potent force in transforming social, economic, and political life across the globe. Today, without being plugged into the information age, there

[GKD] Using Computers to Battle Illiteracy (India)

2003-10-23 Thread Frederick Noronha (FN)
- Frederick Noronha (FN)| http://www.fredericknoronha.net Freelance Journalist | http://www.bytesforall.org http://goalinks.pitas.com | http://joingoanet.shorturl.com http://linuxinindia.pitas.com | http

[GKD] Using ICT to Improve Education (India)

2003-12-09 Thread Frederick Noronha (FN)
IN A WORLD WHERE THOSE WHO CAN'T TEACH, I.T. CAN by Frederick Noronha CAN IT AND THE INTERNET help teacher's teach better, design courses better, build improved learning environments, and support the learner more adequately? Yes, say the experiences of technologists working in various parts

[GKD] Will Computers Help Goa's Children?

2003-12-16 Thread Frederick Noronha (FN)
Will computers help Goa's children? By Daryl Martyris dmartyris at hotmail.com For the last five years a silent revolution has been happening in Goa's village schools. Overseas Goans have been sending money and used computers to village schools. The government has been distributing PCs

[GKD] Tackling India's Literacy Problem

2004-01-12 Thread Frederick Noronha (FN)
Building 10th Flr # 71 Nariman Point Mumbai 400 021 Tel 56689378 (d) 5668 (bd) [EMAIL PROTECTED] corp soc responsibility : adult literacy prog WWW.TATALITERACY.COM * * * THE 300-MILLION QUESTION: HOW TO SPREAD LITERACY IN INDIA... AND FAST From Frederick Noronha WHAT DO you do

[GKD] Community Radio Gives India's Villagers a Voice

2004-03-25 Thread Frederick Noronha (FN)
INTERESTING STORY from South India. Sorry for the delay in posting it. As someone involved with the community-radio debate, I'd urge anyone who sees potential in this form of communication to add their voice to the demand for freeing India's airwaves. The world's largest democracy needs to prove

[GKD] Video Volunteers: Using Video to Fight Poverty (India)

2004-04-13 Thread Frederick Noronha (FN)
-- --- | Frederick Noronha, Freelance Journalist | Goa India 0091.832.2409490 or 2409783 | | Email fred at bytesforall.org | Writing with a difference | ... on what makes *the* difference | http

[GKD] Sustainable Agriculture Magazine on CD

2004-04-21 Thread Frederick Noronha (FN)
and individuals in the South (Third World) can receive the magazine free of charge on request. Write to subscriptions at ileia.nl -- - April 2004 | Frederick Noronha, Freelance Journalist Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa| Goa

Re: [GKD] RFI: Low-Bandwidth Long Distance Wireless E-mail

2004-05-25 Thread Frederick Noronha (FN)
just can't seem to get through to the www4mail services these days. The services were very helpful for us in the bandwidth poor parts of the globe. FN -- - Frederick Noronha * Freelance Journalist * Goa, India f r e d @ b y t e s f o r a l l

[GKD] First Community Radio in South Africa Celebrates 10th

2004-05-27 Thread Frederick Noronha (FN)
Anniversary Sender: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Precedence: bulk Reply-To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Success Rewards Bush Courage By Michello Cho [Radio World * July 2003] CAPE TOWN, South Africa: The Bush Radio story exemplifies the power of positive thinking. The first community radio initiative in South

[GKD] BytesForAll: South Asian ICT4D Newsletter

2004-06-01 Thread Frederick Noronha (FN)
_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/ _/ _/ B y t e s F o r A l l --- http://www.bytesforall.org _/ Making Computing Relevant to the People of South Asia _/ http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bytesforall_readers 062004

[GKD] India's PM Launches Village Resource Centre

2004-10-19 Thread Frederick Noronha (FN)
. ISRO and the Department of Space plan to set up more such VRCs in regions such as islands, mountainous terrains and tribal-dominated areas, before extending the service to all 600,000 villages. Frederick Noronha (FN

[GKD] India's March Towards Open Access

2004-12-01 Thread Frederick Noronha (FN)
: Frederick Noronha (FN)Nr Convent Saligao 403511 GoaIndia Freelance Journalist P: 832-2409490 M: 9822122436 http://www.livejournal.com/users/goalinks http://fn.swiki.net http://www.ryze.com

[GKD] NGOs and Free Software

2004-12-21 Thread Frederick Noronha (FN)
applications to 'read' the information. Use of swatantra software enables that, as South India-based lawyer Mahesh Pai [EMAIL PROTECTED] points out. * Because free software empowers computer users and encourages them to cooperate, as Richard M Stallman notes. Copyleft 2004, Frederick Noronha

[GKD] Free and Open Source Software Tools for NGOs

2005-01-18 Thread Frederick Noronha (FN)
Frederick Noronha (FN)Nr Convent Saligao 403511 GoaIndia Freelance Journalist P: 832-2409490 M: 9822122436 http://fn.swiki.net http://fn-floss.notlong.com

[GKD] Wireless-for-Development Portal Launched (Venezuela)

2005-08-12 Thread Frederick Noronha (FN)
Campaigners in Venezuela have launched a wireless-for-development portal, and the English-language details are below. See http://www.apc.org/english/news/index.shtml?x=582985 and also http://www.apc.org/english/news/index.shtml?x=526407 for EsLaRed's eighth Latin American workshop on networking