[GKD] Project Enables Access for Schoolchildren in Namibia

2002-11-13 Thread Karen Higgs
INFORMATION Contact: Karen Higgs APC Communications Cassinoni 1085 11200 Montevideo Uruguay Tel: +598 2 400-6460 Email: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Photos available: contact [EMAIL PROTECTED] === LE PRIX HAFKIN REMPORTĀŠ PAR UN PROJET FAVORISANT

[GKD] World Summit on Information Society - APC CritiquesDraft Declaration

2003-06-06 Thread Karen Higgs
Cumbre Mundial de la Sociedad de la Informacion, escribe a Valeria Betancourt [EMAIL PROTECTED] END -- __ Karen Higgs, APC Communications Manager Tel: +598 - 2 - 400 6460 (GMT -3) APC: http://www.apc.org

[GKD] APC Online Event: Understanding Civil Society Portals

2003-06-30 Thread Karen Higgs
ONLINE EVENT FROM APC: UNDERSTANDING CIVIL SOCIETY PORTALS 7-30 July 2003 APC invites you to an on-line learning event: Understanding Civil Society Portals. The learning event is based on the study Understanding Civil Society Portals, realized by APC one year ago in cooperation with five model

Re: [GKD] RFI: Computer Donations To The Third World

2003-06-30 Thread Karen Higgs
difficult getting even a basic dial-up Internet connection in certain areas of the city, said Luis. - APCNews http://www.apc.org/english/news/index.shtml?x=12181 Best wishes Karen Higgs APC ***GKD is solely supported by EDC, a Non-Profit Organization*** To post a message, send

[GKD] APC Betinho Communications Prize: Latin America andCaribbean

2003-07-10 Thread Karen Higgs
Dear GKD Members, I wanted to share with you the latest on APC's Betinho Communications Prize in 2003. We hope you will urge all qualified candidates to apply! Best regards, Karen Higgs APC === FINAL MONTH FOR APPLICATIONS! THE APC

[GKD] APC Gender and ICT Awards

2003-09-18 Thread Karen Higgs
APC WNSP AND GKP GENDER AND ICT AWARDS Information and communications technologies (ICTs) play a growing role in the world's societies, and have the potential to help disadvantaged groups increase their participation in the civic, social, political, and economic processes critical to achieving

[GKD] New Book Highlights Priorities for WSIS

2003-09-29 Thread Karen Higgs
Dear GKD Members, I thought you would find this book of interest, given our past discussions about the role of international organisations in promoting access and effective use of ICTs to support development objectives. Best regards, Karen Higgs APC WSIS Coordinator Tel: +44 7712 553 582 Email

[GKD] Strategic Use of ICTs by Civil Society

2003-10-07 Thread Karen Higgs
Please circulate. Apologies for cross-posting. == APC's Latest Annual Report: Strategic use of ICTs by civil society and engaging civil society in ICT policy JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, October 6 2003 -- In the course of 2002 APC

[GKD] APC Betinho Communications Prize Finalists

2003-10-18 Thread Karen Higgs
Espanol e Portugues abajo/abaixo. === ANNOUNCING THE FINALISTS OF THE APC BETINHO COMMUNICATIONS PRIZE 2003 Recognising people-centred technology initiatives in Latin America and the Caribbean

[GKD] New Training Helps Civil Society Understand ICT Policy

2003-10-23 Thread Karen Higgs
New training pack helps civil society organisations understand how ICT policy decisions affect their work JOHANNESBURG, South Africa -- APC and CTO are proud to announce the release of the ICT Policy for Civil Society training pack. The pack includes a curriculum and accompanying materials to

[GKD] New Handbook Aims to Get More People Involved in ICT Policy

2003-12-18 Thread Karen Higgs
ICT Policy: A Beginner's Handbook - a new book from APC South Africa, December 18 2003 -- APC's new book lays out the issues and dispenses with the jargon to encourage more people to get involved in ICT policy processes. This book is for people who feel that ICT policy is important but don't

[GKD] Brazil Still Lacks a Digital Inclusion Strategy

2004-03-09 Thread Karen Higgs
OPINION: GESAC, SCD, FUST, XPTO and Digital Inclusion? Carlos Afonso, director of planning at RITS - APC's Brazilian member organisation, - outlines the digital inclusion opportunities and initiatives carried out in Brazil so far, from the successful ones to the dismal failures. According to

[GKD] JOB: Communications and Information Policy Programme Manager

2004-04-21 Thread Karen Higgs
Please help us circulate. -- Thank you very much. == OPENING: Communications and Information Policy Programme Manager ORGANISATION: Association For Progressive Communications (APC) DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: May 9 2004

[GKD] APC Comments on the First Draft National ICT Policy for Zambia

2004-05-25 Thread Karen Higgs
JOHANNESBURG, South Africa -- In a letter to the Zambian ministry for communications and transport, APC has commended the Zambian government for its efforts in drafting a holistic national ICT policy and for disseminating the draft online to make it possible for the public to submit comments. We

[GKD] WSIS II: APC Papers on Financing the Info Society and Internet Governance

2004-07-07 Thread Karen Higgs
Discussion papers on the sticky issues of financing ICT initiatives in developing countries and internet governance feed new WSIS phase June 24 2004 -- The second phase of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) - the first-ever UN conference on information and communication - has

[GKD] APCNews - November 2004

2004-12-02 Thread Karen Higgs
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- *APCNews, the monthly newsletter of the Association for Progressive Communications (APC)* - November 2004 No. 47 - --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- -- NEWS FROM THE MEMBERS --

[GKD] New Community Wireless Connectivity Project (Africa)

2005-04-18 Thread Karen Higgs
Dear Colleagues, This month APCNews will not be published, so to keep you up-to-date with APC in the meantime, we thought you'd be interested to read about a new project that is underway in Africa, and in planning for Latin America and Asia-Pacific. APC's new Community Wireless Connectivity