[GKD] Computer Virus Vaccination Day

2002-03-07 Thread Michael Gurstein
How about some positive viral marketing with this idea. MG -Original Message- From: Annie Brody [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: March 5, 2002 2:34 PM Subject: Virus Vaccination Day April 20th 2002 Dear Colleagues, I apologize for multiple postings of this message. Feel free to

[GKD] Community Informatics Research Network

2003-10-14 Thread Michael Gurstein
. In other words it would be pro-actively facilitating the formation of a structured open network among CI research groups. An interim executive steering committee consisting of Michael Gurstein, NJIT; Peter Day, U. of Brighton; and Don Schauder, Monash U./Wal Taylor, Central Queensland U

[GKD] CFP: Building Bridging Community Networks Conference

2003-12-15 Thread Michael Gurstein
Schuler, The Evergreen State College, Washington Jon Dron, SEAKE Centre, School of Computing, Mathematical and Information Sciences, University of Brighton Karamjit Gill, Professor, SEAKE Centre, University of Brighton Michael Gurstein, (Visiting) Professor, School of Management New Jersey Institute

[GKD] Invitation to Virtual Conference on Indigenous ICT Use

2004-03-09 Thread Michael Gurstein
Kuh-ke-nah International Indigenous SMART Communities Gathering 17-18 March, 2004 In the Oji-Cree language of Northern Ontario in Canada, Kuh-ke-nah means everyone...together. For Oji-Cree people it describes a traditional network of families living and surviving in the vast wilderness that we

[GKD] Southeast Asia Tsunami and the Effective Use of Community ICTs

2005-01-04 Thread Michael Gurstein
Dear GKD Members, I guess like everyone else, I've been watching the tragic events unfold on television with a sense of sadness and powerlessness. Not much that one can do from so far away except at this point to make a donation and to make the kinds of noises that get governments to move away

[GKD] Proceedings of Community Informatics Research Network Conference Now Available

2005-02-11 Thread Michael Gurstein
The Community Informatics Research Network http://www.ciresearch.net held its 2004 Inaugural Conference and Colloquium with the theme, 'Sustainability and Community Technology: What Does this Mean for Community Informatics?', at the Monash Centre, Prato, Italy, 29 September - 1 October, 2004.

[GKD] UK Government Moves To Outcome Based Conditionality

2005-03-14 Thread Michael Gurstein
A potentially very important development. MG - [via PRS Watch] UK Government Moves To Outcome Based Conditionality Report: http://www.dfid.gov.uk/pubs/files/conditionality.pdf The UK Government launched a new policy on conditionality this week, which

[GKD] Soros: Transparency Can Alleviate Poverty

2005-03-29 Thread Michael Gurstein
Dear Colleagues, From time to time, List Members have raised the issue of transparency and accountability and its importance in aiding development. The following article by George Soros describes some recent developments in this area. Mike Gurstein *