Re: More questions on installing 2.05

1997-08-06 Thread Ian Collier

Me again... :-(

After my success at compiling ghc-2.05 on SunOS 4, I am now attempting it
on sparc-sun-solaris2.5.1 and i386-unknown-solaris2.5 and both of them
have stopped with this:

ghc-0.29 -cpp -fhaskell-1.3 -fglasgow-exts -DCOMPILING_GHC -Rghc-timing -I. -I
codeGen -InativeGen -Iparser -iutils -ibasicTypes -itypes -ihsSyn -iprelude -i
rename -itypecheck -ideSugar -icoreSyn -ispecialise -isimplCore -istranal -ist
gSyn -isimplStg -icodeGen -iabsCSyn -imain -ireader -iprofiling -iparser -inat
iveGen -fomit-derived-read -fomit-reexported-instances -DOMIT_DEFORESTER -O -H
20m-c absCSyn/PprAbsC.lhs -o absCSyn/PprAbsC.o -osuf o

"codeGen/ClosureInfo.hi", line 72:
undefined type constructor: StgSyn.StgBinderInfo

"codeGen/ClosureInfo.hi", line 74:
undefined type constructor: CgMonad.CgInfoDownwards

"codeGen/ClosureInfo.hi", line 74: undefined type constructor: CgMonad.CgState

[snip more of the same]

Compilation had errors
make: *** [absCSyn/PprAbsC.o] Error 1

(and is there any way to get "make all" abort if "cd ghc/compiler;make all"
has errors?)

Oddly enough it compiles OK if I take the -O out, so perhaps I'll continue
with that (it occurs to me that I probably didn't compile the sunos one
with the -O flag.  [pause]  yes, it doesn't work with -O on sunos either).


Re: More questions on installing 2.05

1997-08-06 Thread Ian Collier

On Tue, 05 Aug 1997 00:50:05 +0100 (BST), Sigbjorn Finne said:
  Question 3: How do I even make the docs?  

 You'll have to give the doc target, e.g., 'make dvi', in the
 directory containing the .lit files.

OK, I've got somewhere with this (is it mentioned anywhere in the installation
instructions?) but in the users_guide directory the command

lit2latex -c -o runtime_control.itex runtime_control.lit

makes a file runtime_control.itex which is full of control characters and
weird things.  For example, the very first line of it is


and it contains no fewer than 30 copies of a single paragraph with minor
variations.  What gives?


More questions on installing 2.05

1997-08-04 Thread Ian Collier

I apologise for jumping in with more questions, but I have at least joined
the list now.

So, ghc-2.05 finished compiling, apparently.  It didn't take much longer
than a week. :-)

I had to add GhcHcOpts=-H12m to my build file to get it to stop complaining
(12m was a guess, but the default of 6m was definitely too small).  I would
have thought this would have been added as necessary by the developers to
avoid me having to increase the size globally - it's also not the sort of
thing I would expect to know before starting the compilation.


Question 1: Why doesn't "make check" do any tests?

Question 2: Why doesn't "make install" install any docs?  

Question 3: How do I even make the docs?  Why do the docs directories
contain Makefiles that don't seem to do anything?  I've tried running
"lit2latex" on each *.lit file in the ghc/docs/users_guide directory,
which produces several *.tex files and lots of errors, but none of the
resulting .tex files contains a \document(style|class) command.  And I
don't seem to have a "literate" document style file either, though I can
see it is referenced in user.lit.

Ian Collier