Re: ANN: ghc 6.8.2 from MacPorts

2008-03-17 Thread Thorkil Naur
Hello Christian, On Monday 17 March 2008 12:31, Christian Maeder wrote: Thanks Chris! This should fix Thorkil, you called your patch illustrative only. I suggest to commit it. Any objections?


2008-01-03 Thread Thorkil Naur
Hello, Thanks everybody. However, I believe that using a modified readline library is debatable, mainly because it adds the burden of keeping this library up-to-date to the GHC maintenance process. Having a renamed library is one thing and it does not seem that also modifying the contents of

Re: Data.HashTable.hashInt seems somewhat sub-optimal

2007-08-26 Thread Thorkil Naur
Hello, On Monday 20 August 2007 13:15, Ian Lynagh wrote: ... I'm also suspicious of this, though: -- | A sample hash function for Strings. We keep multiplying by the -- golden ratio and adding. -- -- Note that this has not been extensively tested for reasonability,

Re: [GHC] #1563: -Onot is not described in the GHC User's Guide, Version 6.6.1

2007-07-28 Thread Thorkil Naur
Hello, To get some help with Haskell, it is probably best to write to the [EMAIL PROTECTED] mailing list. I also suggest that you include some details of what your difficulties seem to be. Best regards Thorkil On Saturday 28 July 2007 02:44, Paulo Silva wrote: Hi I have a dificult how to

Re: Installation Problem GHC 6-6

2007-07-22 Thread Thorkil Naur
Hello, Can you tell us exactly which package you have attempted to install? That would be very useful, thanks. Also, if you could make the exact sequence of commands used and the output somehow available, that would also help a lot to figure out what has happened. (A quick shot at a possible

Re: The Glasgow-haskell-bugs Archives seems to end at April 2007

2007-07-11 Thread Thorkil Naur
Hello, On Sunday 08 July 2007 19:59, Ian Lynagh wrote: On Sun, Jul 08, 2007 at 06:46:10PM +0200, Thorkil Naur wrote: The Glasgow-haskell-bugs Archives seem to end at April 2007. Other archives (like

Re: Haskell install error

2007-06-11 Thread Thorkil Naur
Hello, You may find these details useful: (This is referred from the ghc 6.6.1 download page Best regards Thorkil On Thursday 31 May 2007 14:06, schulzy wrote:

Re: Bug: --make non-functional on GHC compiler

2007-03-10 Thread Thorkil Naur
Hello, Try to change the line module CutParse(main) where in Main.hs to module Main(main) where Best regards Thorkil On Saturday 10 March 2007 18:08, Samuel A. Falvo II wrote: Required Information: 1. What kind of machine are you running on, and exactly what version of the operating

Re: [GHC] #1171: GHC doesn't respect the imprecise exceptions semantics

2007-02-28 Thread Thorkil Naur
Hello, The code in YHC is roughly if some list is empty then error No files found else error Many files found. If this code were changed to the equivalent of error (if some list is empty then No files found else Many files found), would there still be circumstances where the actual output

Fix ghc-6.6 darcs-all for Mac OS X 10.4

2006-11-23 Thread Thorkil Naur
Hello, The following patch fixes ghc-6.6 darcs-all for Mac OS X 10.4. Best regards Thorkil New patches: [Fix darcs-all for Mac OS X Thorkil Naur [EMAIL PROTECTED]**20061123125539 The regular exporession /\? which is used by darcs-all to stand for zero or one /'s seems to be a GNU extension

Re: [GHC] #1004: ghci-6.6 crash on PPC

2006-11-14 Thread Thorkil Naur
Hello, I tried to reproduce this. Here is the result: Thorkil-Naurs-Computer:~/tn/tmp/GHC/trac/#1004: ghci-6.6 crash on PPC/ghc-6.4.1 thorkilnaur$ /Users/thorkilnaur/tn/GHCDarcsRepository/ghc-6.6/ghc/compiler/stage2/ghc-inplace --interactive Checksum.hs ___ ___ _ / _ \ /\ /\/