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2002-03-08 Thread Wolfgang Thaller

Some programs work, including green-card and some HOpenGL programs.

GHC, compiled with my registerized version, crashes.
At some point, there is pointer on the Stg Stack that points into data space.
However, it doesn't point to a closure. In points to a place just 
after the last data symbol in of one GHC module, and before the next 
(there's quite some stuff between those two modules, and I have no 
idea what the linker puts there).
The word at that position is definitely not a valid info pointer, it 
points about 300 megabytes above the heap (into unmapped space).
MacOS X doesn't yet support watchpoints, so I still have no idea 
who put this strange pointer onto the stack. Under what conditions 
are pointers into data space
put on the stack? Any ideas how I could go about debugging this? How 
can I possibly ever find out what code is putting this nonsense value 
on the stack?

For now, I'll try to find some smaller programs that crash, too.

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HGL ang GHC on Win32

2002-03-08 Thread Hal Daume III

When I compile a program using GHC 5.02.2 on Windows 200 using HGL, using
the following command line:

 ghc --make HelloWorld.hs -o HelloWorld.exe -package concurrent -package
win32 -ic:\GraphicsLibrary\lib\win32

it compiles fine, but then when I run the exe, the window starts out
initially as wide as my screen and only as tall as the title bar,
regardless of what is passed as the dimensions to openWindow.  What
gives?  If I resize the window everything works fine, but in my own
application resizing the window causes it to report some error about
arithmetic being bigger than 32 bits...

Any ideas?

 - Hal

Hal Daume III

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