Re: [Fwd: Re: Problem building hdbc-sqlite3 with ghc 6.8.2]

2008-01-03 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
On 3-Jan-08, at 4:47 PM, Christian Maeder wrote: Hi, can someone explain the linking error below? (on Intel-Mac (Tiger?)) Preprocessing library HDBC-sqlite3- Building HDBC-sqlite3- [1 of 7] Compiling Database.HDBC.Sqlite3.Consts ( dist/build/Database/

Re: LLVM back end

2006-12-21 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
On 21-Dec-06, at 1:26 PM, Michael T. Richter wrote: Global Register Variables -- I'm not sure I understand the point here. LLVM is a... well, a virtual machine. It's not a real target. The LLVM code is then either simulated in a VM (as per, say, Java) or it is further compiled to a

Re: LLVM back end

2006-12-20 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
On 20-Dec-06, at 10:10 AM, Michael T. Richter wrote: Well, I'm almost entirely ignorant of LLVM and of Haskell -- especially the internals of both. That makes me ideally suited for this project since I'm not aware that it's impossible. I'm afraid LLVM currently lacks some features that

Re: OpengGL lockup using GHC 6.6 on Intel Mac

2006-12-01 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
The NeHe tutorials work for me with both GHC 6.6 and HEAD on my Intel Mac; however, I'm not using MacPorts. Is anyone else here who uses MacPorts on an Intel Mac, to confirm or deny the bug? Cheers, Wolfgang ___ Glasgow-haskell-users mailing list

Re: 6.4.3 and threaded RTS problems

2006-10-16 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
Could someone on MacOS X try the 6.4.x branch again? I just committed a fix that makes the threaded RTS more stable on Solaris, and I'm hoping it clears up the problems on MacOS X too. Remember to re-enable -threaded in ghc/compiler/Makefile if you previously disabled it. The problem

Re: MacOS X / PowerPC

2006-07-05 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
X (at least I assume he's busy, that's the last I heard, but he didn't respond to my latest ping). Oops, sorry about that. Yes, I'm quite busy, trying to get a degree here. Proper Mac OS X support will resume on September 1st :-). So the mantle of powerpc-apple-darwin maintainer is

Re: GHC 6.5 on Mac Os X

2006-03-29 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
On 28-Mar-06, at 4:52 AM, Simon Marlow wrote: This seems very strange indeed - I immediately suspect something odd with your hardware. Try swapping out RAM, if you can. Strange that it only seems to affect Perl (Perl is running the mangler that generates that .s file). I suppose it's

Re: How to access hs_free_fun_ptr from a Visual Studio DLL

2006-03-28 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
Even as the author of some parts of Adjustor.c and some parts of Hugs' FFI implementation I have to admit that it isn't clear to me at all if tail-calls are used everywhere. %-) Hugs uses tail-jumps or static return code on all supported platforms, GHC on all platforms except IA64. And

Re: How to access hs_free_fun_ptr from a Visual Studio DLL

2006-03-27 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
   C - adjustor - stub - Haskell - stub - adjustor - CIt could be the case that the adjustor tail-jumps to the stub, but this is not guaranteed to be the case for all platforms.Hmmm, I thought it was.Well, the FFI addendum is rather vague on this point; this seems to be all it says about

Re: ghc on on macbook pro (fwd)

2006-03-04 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
On 4-Mar-06, at 11:07 AM, S. Alexander Jacobson wrote: Does ghc work on the (intel) macbooks or does it need to be rebuilt? Will code compiled for the old macs work on the macbooks or does it need to be recompiled? Yes and no. GHC, and programs compiled by it, should run without

Re: ghc on on macbook pro (fwd)

2006-03-04 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
On 4-Mar-06, at 3:33 PM, Geoffrey Alan Washburn wrote: I don't have MacOS X Intel handy to verify, but I was under the impression that Rosetta was only automagically invoked by the operating system on application bundles. However, there is a dearth of information regarding this point

Re: Missing Folder in ghc?

2006-03-02 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
On 2-Mar-06, at 7:35 PM, Ashley Yakeley wrote: Thanks. Now the build process gets stuck here: I ran into this yesterday, but didn't have time to look into it; today, ./darcs-all pull seems to have fixed it. Cheers, Wolfgang ___

Re: inside the GHC code generator

2006-02-24 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
Another shortcoming is that the native code generator in GHC isn't capable of dealing with backward jumps to labels (because GHC hasn't needed that so far). But if you did C-- optimisation, you'd probably generate such jumps. It'd be great to beef up the native code gen to handle that. I'm

ANNOUNCE: GHC 6.4.1 binary package for Mac OS X

2005-09-23 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
My GHC 6.4.1 packages for Mac OS X are finally ready. Mac OS X 10.3.9 (Panther) and 10.4.x (Tiger) This is an installer package that will install a full version of GHC with GHCi, profiling, dynamic linking, double-clickable icons

Re: FFI: calling Haskell from C++?

2005-09-13 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
we have tried long and hard to call Haskell functions from C++ usingthe FFI mechanism but without success. Don't forget to say which platform you're on - the solution might be slightly platform-dependent.  $ ghc -fffi Foo.o Foo_stub.o main.cpp   main.o(.text+0x22): In function `main':  main.cpp:

Re: GHC 6.2.2 Compile problem on Mac OS X 10.4

2005-06-23 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
Hi, I am trying to make an unregisterised build. As my host machine, i use a Mac running Mac OS X 10.4. When building ghc 6.2.2 on the host machine (also running GHC 6.2.2), i get the error attached below when doing 'make all' in ghc/. Does anyone have an idea how to solve this ? thanks,

Re: ANNOUNCE: GHC version 6.4

2005-03-14 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
= The (Interactive) Glasgow Haskell Compiler -- version 6.4 = A Mac OS X installer package for Mac OS 10.3 (Panther) is available at

Re: ANNOUNCE: GHC version 6.4

2005-03-13 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
= The (Interactive) Glasgow Haskell Compiler -- version 6.4 = A Mac OS X installer package for Mac OS 10.3 (Panther) is available at

Re: ANNOUNCE: GHC version 6.4

2005-03-13 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
= The (Interactive) Glasgow Haskell Compiler -- version 6.4 = A Mac OS X installer package for Mac OS 10.3 (Panther) is available at

Re: Another GHC 6.4 Release Candidate Binary for Mac OS X

2005-03-10 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
When I double-click the icon, I get *two* Terminal windows started, one running ghci, the other just an ordinary shell. Is this intended? No, that's the Terminal's default behaviour of opening an empty window when it is launched, before receiving the command to open a new terminal window and

Another GHC 6.4 Release Candidate Binary for Mac OS X

2005-03-09 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
Another Mac OS X installer: Features: *) all the normal GHC 6.4 features *) dynamic linking *) nice icons you can double-click to open a terminal window with ghci (one for H98 and one for -fglasgow-exts) *) You can even drag your

GHC 6.4 Release Candidate Binary for Mac OS X

2005-03-04 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
I've uploaded a Mac OS X installer based on the stable tree from March 2nd + the patches I committed yesterday at: This package is built with support for dynamic libraries (some human intervention was required to build it). Mac

Re: x86_64 port

2005-03-04 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
On 4-Mar-05, at 11:57 AM, Simon Marlow wrote: Don't hold your breath, I have some bad news. It seems that gcc is still generating incorrect code for register variables (or maybe it's broken again?). So maybe this will be the first NCG-only port of GHC :-). Death to the Mangler! Cheers, Wolfgang

Re: GHCi and C++.

2005-02-25 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
During my ongoing research on doing whatever I feel like, I discovered that using C++ libaries in GHCi (no problems with GHC) wasn't as pleasant as I had hoped. Apparently C++ sources requires to be linked with crtbegin.o and crtend.o (and others?) and I was wondering how to solve this nicely. Any

Re: GHCi and C++.

2005-02-25 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
I've written a binding to a C++ library where I use a simple wrapper file to overcome the name mangling (extern C functions calling C++, nothing fancy). Is there a way to make that more GHCi friendly or should I explore other options? What exactly is going wrong? Try wrapping your binding in a

Re: GHC 6.4 release candidates available (breakage on x86-64)

2005-02-25 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
[...] warning: don't know how to split object files on this architecture [...] Wolfgang, Ryan - that looks like a splitter problem, no? Definitely. Looks like there is no splitter for x86-64. SplitObjs=NO is definitely required. (The splitter is more of a dark art than the evil mangler, I

Re: GHC 6.4 release candidates available (breakage on suse 9.2 x86 or x86-64)

2005-02-23 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
Thanks, good to know; I'll read through 10.2 more carefully. I didn't think I'd need to cross-compile x86-linux to x86-linux. You don't need to - the recommended way is to download a binary version. If you don't like using binary distributions, then use it for bootstrapping only, i.e. use it

Re: Getting ghci to work (Mac OS X ghc-6.5 from CVS)

2005-02-23 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
Hi I got ghc-6.5 prerelease from the CVS and managed to get it up and running, *except* for ghci, the interactive part. It worked last time I tried. Is there something in particular that I need to think about to make ghci support get compiled into ghc? When using ghc-inplace, make sure you're

Re: GHC 6.4 release candidates available (breakage on suse 9.2 x86 or x86-64)

2005-02-23 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
Brian Strand wrote: I originally tried the binary distribution but ran into library issues. That is of course the obvious path to try, and try it I did. Rather than going straight to installing deprecated libraries, I tried to provide some feedback on ghc (especially since 6.4 RCs are out).

Re: Waiting on Sockets or File Descriptors

2005-02-02 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
So I guess I can't really use them in code that's supposed to be portable among different platforms? Maybe 'forkOS' combined with calling poll() through FFI really is the best solution? I seem to recall reading somewhere that the threaded RTS was more efficient for these applications anyway? Two

Re: Problem with handles in GHC from CVS

2005-01-23 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
The temporary file is created but it is empty. It seems like the stdout/stderr handles are flushed in GHC.TopHandler.runMainIO but only if the program terminates without exception. Should be fixed now; when terminating using exitWith, the handles are now flushed. Note that they are still not

Re: Problem with handles in GHC from CVS

2005-01-23 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
It seems they should always be flushed. certainly if a program fails via 'fail' in IO or 'error' as these are common ways for programs to report an error and losing output would definitly be counter intuitive and make it quite tricky to debug. especially when you can't flush stdout before

Re: Loading package ghc within GHCi

2005-01-05 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
The hook idea works with static linking: the RTS provides a default version of the hook, that can be overriden by a user-supplied function of the same name. This is what GHC does. However, our dynamic linker doesn't support this kind of overriding. The system's dynamic linker does, though:

Re: Implicit parameter constraints not inferred

2004-11-06 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
Benjamin Franksen wrote: main = let ?b = True in use_b --use_b :: (?g::Bool) = IO () use_b = print ?b It isn't: ghc -fimplicit-params says Unbound implicit parameter (?b :: a) arising from use of implicit parameter `?b' at TestBug.hs:4 In the first argument of `print', namely `?b'

Re: setCurrentDirectory and lightweight threads

2004-10-24 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
Now, some of the most common operations used in dynamic web pages relate to directory listing/manipulation. I was happily thinking that System.Directory would provide the needed functionality. Indeed it does, but unfortunately setCurrentDirectory breaks the thread abstraction. What I mean is that

Re: ANNOUNCE: GHC version 6.2.2

2004-10-22 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
= The (Interactive) Glasgow Haskell Compiler -- version 6.2.2 = A Mac OS X double-clickable package is now available at:

Re: Using GHC and FFI

2004-07-16 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
and compiled this. So I created a file named project.obj. We normally use .o rather than .obj; I don't know if using .obj can cause any problems with ghc. After that I wrote ghc -fffi -c test.lhs. But when I call blah from ghci I get the error message: test.o unknown symbol '_test' I think ghc

Re: Integrating ghc's rts into other single-threaded frameworks

2004-05-05 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
So here's what I don't understand: we make a non-blocking call to gtk+'s main loop So far, so good. (which makes a blocking call in a new OS thread). With (the current version of) GHC's threaded RTS, there's only one OS thread involved until you spawn a second thread (with forkIO or forkOS).

Re: Windows ghc6.04

2004-05-04 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
Is there any chance that GHC 6.04, or any GHC version in the next few months, will support the following on Windows: 1) use of native threads so that the world won't be stopped every time you wait for a character; Should already be in 6.02.1 - add the -threaded flag when linking, and you'll get

Re: GHC CVS refusing connections...

2004-04-28 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
Sigbjorn Finne [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Thanks to the hard work of Jeff Lewis, the CVS pserver at is now back up again, Malcolm Wallace wrote: Good, and well done. Unfortunately, ssh-based connections to the writable repository have now started to fail for me. The ssh server

Re: ANNOUNCE: GHC version 6.2.1

2004-03-25 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
The (Interactive) Glasgow Haskell Compiler -- version 6.2.1 A Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) binary installer package is now available at:

Re: -static

2004-03-09 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
On 09.03.2004, at 15:53, Ian Lynagh wrote: On Tue, Mar 09, 2004 at 01:04:59AM +0100, Wolfgang Thaller wrote: So I assume this is on powerpc-linux? Yup, sorry (and the others are all Linux too). Ah yes, that -static flag was lurking there from the old AIX port. It's definitely OK to remove

Re: -static

2004-03-08 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
What platform? Does everything work if you remove the -static? alpha, powerpc and hppa so far. I expect the same will happen for mips and mipsel. If, on powerpc, I run the final link command without -static (that's the only place it should make a difference, right?) then it links without warnings

Re: ghc and signal processing

2004-02-23 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
On 23.02.2004, at 13:32, MR K P SCHUPKE wrote: b - mapArray id a The reason it is slow is because the array type is copied every time a member is assigned. The array in question is already a mutable array, and even for non-mutable arrays, mapArray would use mutable arrays internally. The

Re: ANNOUNCE: GHC version 6.2

2003-12-27 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
The (Interactive) Glasgow Haskell Compiler -- version 6.2 A binary package for Mac OS X version 10.3 (Panther) is now available at

Re: forkProcess type changed?

2003-12-11 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
George Russell wrote: For the development snapshot 6.3.20031201, System.Posix.forkProcess has the type IO () - IO System.Posix.Types.ProcessID. In 6.0.1 it has type IO () - IO (Maybe System.Posix.Types.ProcessID). Is this change intentional, and if so how are you supposed to test after the fork

Re: Foreign Function Interface (FFI)

2003-11-28 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
(follow-ups to the FFI list please) Rafael Martinez Torres wrote: HI: Reading Haskell 98 FFI report, one question arised: Imported and declared a foreign function , via foreign import ccall foo:: IO(CInt) Is it guaranteed to be executed in atomic way ? I mean , should it block the whole STG

Re: Pestilential behaviour of gcc3.3 on Macs

2003-11-27 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
Yes I know this is really Apple's fault, but according to GCC3.html The GCC 3.3 preprocessor inserts a new pragma, #pragma GCC set_debug_pwd, as part of the new Distributed Builds feature. (See below.) This may

Re: ghc-6.0.1 on OS X Panther build

2003-10-29 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
On 29.10.2003, at 21:15, Gregory Wright wrote: Hi Wolfgang, I tried building 6.0.1 on Panther using 6.0.1 built on Jaguar. (The build was run under darwinports.) It failed with the following: [...] Ever see anything like this before? Hmm... now that you mention it, probably yes. There was some

Job Opening - Mac OS X 10.2 Binary Packages

2003-10-24 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
Dear GHC for Mac OS X Users, As you probably know, Mac OS X 10.3 a.k.a. Panther is being officially released today. I'm going to upgrade my Powerbook right away. Panther adds some new functions in Darwin (for example, dlfcn.h and proper wchar support). GHC will automatically make use of these

Re: Job Opening - Mac OS X 10.2 Binary Packages

2003-10-24 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
On 25.10.2003, at 00:01, Diederik van Arkel wrote: Not necessary, the 10.3 dev tools includes the headers for 10.1 and 10.2 so you can compile for all three OS revisions from your 10.3 box. Well, but those are only easily accessible from Apple's Xcode IDE; I have no idea how to get the

Re: Threaded foreign functions calling back.

2003-09-27 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
Peter Strand wrote: Hi, I'd like to use a C-library which calls back into the haskell program, potentially from different threads at the same time. That is, the following calling sequence takes place: (haskell) Calls C via foreign import. (c) Creates threads, which in turn calls back

Re: ANNOUNCE: GHC version 6.0.1

2003-07-31 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
= The (Interactive) Glasgow Haskell Compiler -- version 6.0.1 = A Mac OS X package id now available at: Cheers,

Re: threaded-rts

2003-07-23 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
I'm not sure it's worth making a threaded-rts variant distribution right now, given that we'd just throw it away later. But you're welcome to try. We might not need the variant business when the new threaded-rts is finished, but personally, I like the thought of getting the Threaded RTS

Re: threaded-rts

2003-07-22 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
That, along with your HSrts.o later, ties in with the files that change file size except that /usr/lib/ghc-6.0/package.conf gains a pthread in the rts extra libraries. Ah yes, I overlooked that, because it doesn't happen on Mac OS X :-). It looks like I want to make a package-threaded.conf that

Re: Building on Mac OS X

2003-07-21 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
Sean Seefried [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Dear GHC users on the Mac, I'm addressing this primarily to Wolfgang but also to anyone who has built GHC HEAD successfully on Mac OS X. I'm having difficulty doing it myself and I was just wondering if someone could put together a small set of instructions

Incorrect Mime Type for Mac OS Package

2003-06-05 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
Hi, The Haskell Web Server claims that the .dmg file for the MacOS Package is of type text/plain; some browsers on MacOS (IE and Netscape) therefore try to display it as plain text instead of downloading it. Is anyone able to fix that somehow? Cheers, Wolfgang

GHC 6.0 for Mac OS X

2003-06-04 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
I've now uploaded a binary package for Mac OS X (Apple Installer .pkg inside a .dmg) at Enjoy! Cheers, Wolfgang ___ Glasgow-haskell-users mailing list [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: Mac Port

2003-06-02 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
Dear Wolfgang, I maintain the Hugs port for the darwinports system (a cousin of fink and perhaps the successor to the *bsd ports system). I'd like to add a port for ghc-6.0. I tried to build it but ran into some problems. 1. configure doesn't pass the CPPFLAGS and LDFLAGS environment variables

Re: Mac Port

2003-06-01 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
Seth Kurtzberg wrote: Is there, or is anyone working on, ports for Mac OSX and/or Mac OS9? I'm currently responsible for the Mac OS X version of GHC. I'll upload a GHC 6.0 binary for Mac OS X binary as soon as possible, but I'm short on time and processor cycles, so it might take a few more

Re: FFI and Concurrency

2003-04-04 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
Ahn Ki-yung wrote: C call blocks the whole process, and Concurret module become meaningless. Isn't there any library or wrapper that can avoid ccall from blocking entire process ? There is an extension to the GHC runtime system in the CVS version which addresses this problem, but that means

Re: More problems compiling GHC on Mac OS X

2003-03-17 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
As far as I can tell right now, sendfile is not supported on Mac OS X. There's no manual page, and it doesn't seem to be in any sytem library. There is a prototype in sys/socket.h, but it's wrapped in an #ifdef that's never #defined. When I last build the HEAD here, I didn't have any problems -

Re: Stack profiling

2003-03-04 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
I had wanted to CC this to the list, but of course I forgot: Stephen Pitts [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Is there an easy way to profile stack usage without rebuilding with ticky-ticky profiling? I have two implementations of an algorithm; the one with straight lists seems to use constant stack,

Re: Building snapshot ghc-5.05.20030123 on macOSX

2003-02-12 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
Can someone add OSX(darwin) to the mk/ file? Done. I had it enabled in my file and I hadn't noticed that it wasn't yet on by default. Sorry for wasting your time. Cheers, Wolfgang ___ Glasgow-haskell-users mailing list [EMAIL

Re: Bug in GHC 5.04.2 for Mac OS X

2003-01-31 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
GPR13 is indeed considered nonvolatile, so it looks like the JVM is correct and the function made by createAdjustor is wrong. Thanks, fixed. (both in the HEAD and in the stable branch) I'm beginning to think that the PowerPC has way too many registers (and Intel still has too few - the good

Re: forcing a haskell object to WHNF from C

2003-01-29 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
Should/can I use rts_eval()? Yes. Any pointers on what this does (start new threads, cause garbage collection ...) would be appreciated. I can (and have) gone over the code but a more high level description would be helpful. rts_eval() may cause garbage collection to happen. This means

Shutting Down the RTS

2003-01-12 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
I'm almost ready to send in a patch that should fix most of the current issues with the threaded RTS. But I'm stuck at the problem of terminating the RTS in a proper way. According to the GHC manual, a concurrent Haskell program should terminate when the main action terminates. This sounds

Re: Native Threads in the RTS

2003-01-10 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
I've been watching the discussion about native threads, and getting thoroughly confused. Understandable ;-) . But before investing effort in fiddling with it, I thought it'd be good to see whether anyone finds it helpful. Yes, it does seem to be a good idea. Feel free to modify it. E.g.

Re: signal masks and garbage collection.

2003-01-10 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
, they don't work. Instead, try to use: installHandler sigPIPE Ignore Nothing I hope that works, I haven't tried it. Cheers, Wolfgang Thaller ___ Glasgow-haskell-users mailing list [EMAIL PROTECTED]

ANNOUNCE - HOC - Haskell to Objective C binding for Mac OS X

2003-01-02 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
before compiling, the Finder will report an unexpected error (because the wrapper doesn't contain a binary). --- (C) 2003 Wolfgang Thaller Permission is granted to use it for any purpose you like. It is provided AS IS, there are absolutely no warranties. --- Have fun! Wolfgang

Re: MacOS X (10.2.2) standalone ghc app

2003-01-01 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
Reto Kramer wrote: I'm trying to deliver a self contained app that I developed with ghc 5.04.1 on Mac OS X (10.2.2). It all works well if ghc is installed on the machine, but on a user-machine w/o ghc, the following file is needed: HaskellSupport.framework/Versions/A/HaskellSupport Yes.

Re: small problem with ghc(i) on Windows

2002-12-16 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
the syntax (# a, b #) for unboxed tuples. When GHC's language extensions are enabled, GHC parses '(#)' as '(#' and ')', which doesn't make sense. Solutions: 1) switch off the language extensions 2) use spaces around the hash: write ( # ) instead. Cheers, Wolfgang Thaller

Re: ANNOUNCE: GHC version 5.04.2 released

2002-12-08 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
Mac OS X 10.1). Regards, Wolfgang Thaller ___ Glasgow-haskell-users mailing list [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: Native Threads in the RTS

2002-12-03 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
Dean Herrington wrote: [...] Rather, I find it nonintuitive that calling from Haskell to foreign code and back into Haskell should create a new Haskell thread, when these two Haskell threads really are just different portions of a single thread of computation (deliberately vague term). I

Re: Native Threads in the RTS

2002-12-02 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
I've postponed writing up a new proposal again... But I'm going to sum up some requirements that I would like to see fulfilled - to make it clearer to others why I'm proposing such strange things... *) It should be possible for Haskell code to arrange that a sequence of calls to a given

Re: MacOS X (10.2.2) standalone ghc app

2002-12-02 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
as the LGPL places some requirements on your program that you might not be aware of. If you want to do it anyway and you need more assistance, just yell. Regards, Wolfgang Thaller ___ Glasgow-haskell-users mailing list [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: Native Threads in the RTS

2002-11-29 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
So, we can say that foreign functions of the form: foreign import bound unsafe bar :: ... are illegal or we can allow them and provide warnings or we can allow them and trust the programmer to know that bar is much more expensive than they think. (I favour the first two.) NOOO! Don't do

Re: Native Threads in the RTS

2002-11-28 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
I'll write up a new version of the proposal tomorrow. For now, here are some answers and [at the end] a question about the current FFI specification. Simon Peyton Jones wrote: You don't say (but you do mean) A bound Haskell thread can be executed only by its associated native thread No I

Re: Native Threads in the RTS

2002-11-27 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
Simon Marlow wrote: I don't see the problem with forking a new Haskell thread for each foreign export, and associating it with the current native thread if the foreign export is marked bound. It does mean we can get multiple Haskell threads bound to the same native thread, but only one can be

Re: Native Threads in the RTS

2002-11-26 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
Nice design, Alastair. I've stolen lots of ideas and some text for the complete rewrite of the proposal. The concept of associating haskell threads to native threads proved to be a good way of explaining my original idea in a different way --- and then I found out that forkNativeThread needn't

Re: Native Threads in the RTS

2002-11-22 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
Nicolas Oury a écrit: * I think that, if it is not too much complicated, it could be great to put many threads in the OpenGL OS thread. The goal of concurrent Haskell was to allow concurrency for expressivity. It would be a pity to lose this in part of programs for technical reason. Having

Re: Native Threads in the RTS

2002-11-20 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
Great, thanks. I hope you'll keep it up to date so that by the time the discussion converges it can serve as a specification and rationale. We can put it in CVS too... Simon will think of where! Until then, I'll play the role of a human CVS server. Ultimately it'd be worth integrating with

Re: Native Threads in the RTS

2002-11-17 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
I wrote: [...] Note that the fact that only one Haskell thread may execute at a time remains unchanged. [...] Sven Panne wrote: I haven't thought very deeply about your proposal yet, but I don't understand the remark above: What about e.g. a multi-processor Solaris machine (where pthreads

Native Threads in the RTS

2002-11-15 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
Hello All, A while ago there was a discussion on the shortcomings of the threaded RTS (in short, it doesn't work with foreign APIs that use thread-local state, and that breaks HOpenGL). Back then, it was decided to just keep the threaded RTS off by default and to do something about it some

Re: GHCi on Mac OS X

2002-11-08 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
4.3. Unpack it, and use the usual commands for building installing GNU software: ./configure make sudo make install If there are any problems, e-mail me (auf Deutsch). Cheers, Wolfgang Thaller ___ Glasgow-haskell-users mailing list [EMAIL PROTECTED

Re: FFI C++

2002-10-30 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
Many platforms have the C++ runtime and the C++ standard library as a static library (probably because the C++ ABI is not as stable as it should be...). I think this applies to both Mac OS and to Windows [mingw32], perhaps it's the same with Solaris. If that is the case, it would explain the

Re: Dynamic linker problems on Jaguar

2002-09-21 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
, or should I rebuild? Just check the mailing list: From: Wolfgang Thaller [EMAIL PROTECTED] Date: Fre Aug 30, 2002 22:43:34 Europe/Graz To: GHC List [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: GHC on Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) The new Mac OS X 10.2 has arrived, and GHC has stopped working. I've compiled a new

Re: trying to compile a cgi library from hugs

2002-07-02 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
[04:14pm 0.11 0.15 0.16 ~/CGI]$ ghc Counter.lhs compilation IS NOT required Counter.o: In function `__stginit_Main': Counter.o(.text+0x16): undefined reference to `__stginit_CGI' [...] Your invocation of the ghc command is telling GHC to just compile Counter.lhs to Counter.o and then

Re: Summary so far (was: HOpenGL and --enable-threaded-rts)

2002-06-20 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
Simon Marlow wrote: This discussion is getting rather long, so I thought I'd summarise (as much for my benefit as everyone else's). Please let me know if I get anything wrong. I haven't found anything wrong. I'm pretty sure (1) and (2) aren't viable, though. I basically agree. In the presence

HOpenGL and --enable-threaded-rts

2002-06-16 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
In short, it doesn't work :-( . OpenGL (at least on MacOS) keeps track of the current context on a per-thread basis. The GLUT library sets the current context and calls back to the program. With GHC 5.03 compiled with --enable-threaded-rts, the callback gets executed in a different thread.

Re: possible readline license problem with ghc and -package util

2002-06-11 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
I'm being provocative, I know. I'm not trying to insult though, just to encourage a creative discussion. Me too. But I've never seen a flame war on any haskell list, so I trust that no one will be insulted if we present our differing opinions in a strong way. We'll just have to take this

RE: problems with FFI including h files

2002-06-03 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
On 2002-06-03 12:46:19 +0100 Simon Marlow [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: We really *should* do this, I know. The problem is that it isn't free by a long shot: it'll make .hc files significantly larger, and obfuscate a lot of code. Anyone have any ideas that don't have such a big impact? Well,

LGPL and static linking of libgmp

2002-05-22 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
for Windows include libgmp as a DLL. That's what I'll be doing for my future releases of GHC for MacOS X. Cheers, Wolfgang Thaller ___ Glasgow-haskell-users mailing list [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: ghc-pkg info

2002-04-18 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
nothing to do with MacOS X. Regards, Wolfgang Thaller ___ Glasgow-haskell-users mailing list [EMAIL PROTECTED]

New Patches Binary for MacOS X

2002-04-15 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
Here are some new patches for GHC for MacOS X. The patches are relative to the CVS HEAD from 9th of April. I also have prepared a binary snapshot [a double-clickable installer package this time], but as last time, I don't have the webspace to upload it myself - I'd be happy to FTP it wherever

GHC for MacOS X: Success!

2002-03-21 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
After weeks of wrestling with Apple's buggy version of gdb, registerized compilation on MacOS X finally works! I've tested it on GHC itself and on my own (H)OpenGL program, VOP, and it seems to work now. I'm attaching my patches. I've had trouble compiling the newest version from CVS.

GHC for MacOS X: Success!

2002-03-21 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
I'm attaching my patches. Well, I'm attaching them _now_. Cheers, Wolfgang %ghc-5.03-macosx.patch.gz Description: application/applefile ghc-5.03-macosx.patch.gz Description: Binary data

MacOS X GHC Status

2002-03-08 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
Some programs work, including green-card and some HOpenGL programs. GHC, compiled with my registerized version, crashes. At some point, there is pointer on the Stg Stack that points into data space. However, it doesn't point to a closure. In points to a place just after the last data symbol in

Weird Activation Records (RTS wizards, please help!)

2002-03-06 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
I can't seem to get the Garbage Collector to work properly on MacOS X. When a program triggers the Garbage Collector, it aborts with the following message: a.out: fatal error: scavenge_stack: weird activation record found on stack: 0 The same error happens both in unregistered mode and using my

Re: GHC on MacOS X

2002-03-03 Thread Wolfgang Thaller
I realize that you would rather clean things up first, but could I talk you into passing on your patches? We could use a build on MacOS X today (and I literally mean today) It's not easy when I say unclean, I _mean_ unclean However, here it is I even added a new file in a place where it

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