RE: Weird Activation Records (Fixed!)

2002-03-07 Thread Simon Marlow
If got the mangler to produce working code at least in some cases - I still have to chase after a segfault in one larger program that I tried to compile. That's great news! Due too my lack of Perl knowledge, I didn't yet manage to remove the jumps from the slow to the fast entry points,

Build problem under cygwin

2002-03-07 Thread David Duke
I'm trying to build ghc 5.02.2 under cygwin (, using gcc rather than an existing Haskell compiler. I'm running with gnu make version 3.79.1 I configured with --prefix=D:/haskell/ghc (where I've installed the package), and --enable-win32-dlls. The make process is failing

Great investment for foreign residents 4986chZG8-753WYWl15

2002-03-07 Thread Abigail6551b44
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