[Gluster-users] Proposal to improve DiSTAF

2015-09-08 Thread M S Vishwanath Bhat
Hi, I have sent a proposal doc [1] outlining the changes that are required to make the distaf [2] project more stable and user friendly. Please go through the doc once and let me know your input. If you need any other functionality not mentioned in the doc, please add it a review comment.

[Gluster-users] AFR arbiter volumes

2015-09-08 Thread Ravishankar N
Sending out this mail for awareness/ feedback. - *What:** *Since glusterfs-3.7, AFR supports creation of arbiter volumes. These are a special type of replica 3 gluster volume where the 3rd brick is (always) configured

Re: [Gluster-users] [Gluster-devel] AFR arbiter volumes

2015-09-08 Thread Nagaprasad Sathyanarayana
Thanks Ravi for nicely explaining this. A question on the following section; "If 2 bricks are up and if one of them is the arbiter (i.e. the 3rd brick) and it blames the other up brick, then all FOPS will fail with ENOTCONN (Transport endpoint is not connected). If the arbiter doesn't blame the

[Gluster-users] Contributing to GlusterFS: Fixing Coverity defects

2015-09-08 Thread Soumya Koduri
Hi, If you would like to contribute to GlusterFS, one of the easiest ways which shall help you to analyze the code is by fixing defects reported by Coverity Scan tool. The detailed process is mentioned in [1]. To summarize, * Signup as a member of https://scan.coverity.com/projects/987 *